WaykiChain CSO, Wayki Sun: Vaulting Ambitions Carried Boundless Energy

“Here we must run as fast as we can just to stay in place.”.

— — — Alice in Wonderland

Once, this was just a fairy tale, but now, in the blockchain industry, it has become the reality. The fairy tale came true in the blockchain industry.

Looking back on 2019, the world’s various uncertainty still while blockchain takes the real lead Having the whole world in view, the stablecoin project Libra has become a subject of the U.S. Congress, starting off the tremendous craze in blockchain worldwide, by storm; while Chinese government introduces a new policy that lists blockchain as an important breakthrough for its innovation focus.

It is in this historical turning point that Waykichain has successfully completed its own transformation.

Coping with the times, the reflection of the trend

At WaykiChain’ inception, WaykiChain entered the industry via the most appropriate entry point prediction, which its full enthusiasm has been frustrated by the policy of cognitive. Since then, Waykichain has retreated to ecosystem co-building. By providing one-stop help for the outstanding developers from all over the world, Waykichain has launched dozens of DApps in order to build its own public chain ecosystem.

There are full of obstacles and difficulties. Waykichain team has paid great attention and affection to the whole process. From technology, operation, promotion to marketing, all of which have caught up to the front of the industry in such experience and exploration.

As Wayki Sun, the “godfather” said, said: “The old conscious classicalists are always afraid of the arrival of new things, however, the efficient and advanced new system is so unstoppable.”

The changes in the industry have made some people like falling into ice caves but crying without tears, while others have ushered in more possibilities.

The key lies in whether the pulse of the development of the industry has been observed and the opportunities given by the times have been seized. In this way, even the detours will eventually become a rainbow to success.

All previous attempts and explorations let us deeply understand that innovation is not to take shortcuts, but to take root in the deepest reality, solve the problems of specific business scenarios, and match the rigid demand that lies deep inside of our users.

Taking the ecosystem as a breakthrough, Waykichain finally set its target in the financial direction.

Huatong Securities is the first case of Waykichain successfully landing in a business application scenario. As a successful precedent for cryptocurrency cross-border finance,

Huatong Securities has brought significant returns to investors in a series of new digital currency businesses. Data shows that some investors who participated in the subscription of new shares through Huatong Securities have achieved a return of over 30% in recent months. Through WUSD as the access channel, investors who have not been able to get involved in this field can also participate in it without obstacles.

Waykichain’s long-term: based on core values

Facing the rapid changes in the market, WaykiChain innovated from time to time, constantly iterating new ways of business paths. In the face of the uncertainty of the world, Waykichain has always adhered to its long-term, and through its internal cultivation, it used its own certainty to deal with the uncertainty of the world.

Such long-term is exactly the core value of Waykichain:

Firstly, WaykiChain will continue to maintain as a global leader in public chain technology and mechanisms.

The four-letter codes “Long”, “Teng”, “Tiger”, and “Yue” signify the roadmap of the future evolution of the Waykichain public chain. In the current “Teng” stage of the public chain, Waykichain not only achieved a global leader in a number of hardcore technical indicators such as TPS (average stable at 3300, peak 7800), transfer speed but also reached the industry in terms of the underlying logic and technical architecture. Leading positions, such as the construction of stablecoin systems and DEX at the bottom of the public chain, have surpassed the general contract-based construction in terms of security, stability, scalability, the convenience of paying fees, etc. The decentralized cross-chain technology completed at the end of the quarter will bring cross-chain assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to Waykichain, which will stimulate tens of billions of value liquidity; and the upcoming integration of the WASM virtual machine will also allow Waykichain acquires dual virtual machine engines for higher compatibility and performance.

“Publicchain is still in the era of clash of Titans. When all goes to all, technology will win out.” As Wayki's assertion of the public chain’s technical status, these explorations of public chain technology and mechanism have not only given WaykiChain the greater commercial application potential of public chain, also allows the public chain facilities built on it to have a stronger industry competitive advantage.

Secondly, vigorously expand the supporting construction of the commercial scene around Waykichain.

Regardless of whether it was cut through my prediction at the beginning, or then focused on the application ecosystem, or currently grasping the financial direction, although the rudder is constantly adjusting, the voyage of exploring the business model has never stopped.

At present, a complete set of decentralized financial system surrounding the stable coin WUSD of Waykichain has taken shape, and the profit model and commercial development path built on this financial system have become increasingly clear, including cross-border finance, cross-border payment, decentralization currency, denominated currencies, financial derivative transactions, etc. will all be important business application scenarios for Waykichain. On the last day of 2019, the WICC’s total network mortgage volume has exceeded 16 million, and the main destination of the WUSD loan is Huatong Securities’ cross-border financial investment.

Breaking Technology Silos: High Global Consensus

Owning, without connecting, will eventually become a technology island. What Waykichain does is to link realistic business scenarios and huge users outside the circle, and finally form a high degree of global consensus.

The so-called consensus is people’s identification of the same thing and a community of unanimous beliefs. The extent to which this matter can reach consensus also determines its commercial value. It can be said that consensus is the root of the development of public chain and the entire commercial building. The global high consensus is the development direction of all blockchain projects.

And such a high degree of consensus involves many aspects, including not only the global leader in the technology and mechanism of Waykichain mentioned above, the supporting construction of business scenarios, etc., but also other important parts:

Internationalization of the Waykichain Team. At present, Waykichain has gathered a group of elite troops with great dedication, a sense of mission and a sense of belonging. This is the result of Waykichain’s long-term implementation of the introduction, cultivation and elite precipitation of outstanding personnel. In the future, the Waykichain team will be further internationalized. Through the international team, a global communication circle will be built to help the global strategic layout;

Introducing strategic investments such as top global venture capital. No matter whether the previous contact with Softbank or being invited to attend the Global Blockchain High-end Private Conference in Dubai, we are preparing for the introduction of the world’s top venture capital and this will strengthen the brand endorsement and help Waykichain’s extension Breakthrough development.

Strengthen technical cooperation with governments and large institutions. Earlier, WaykiChain had conducted returning visits with the Montenegrin government and had an in-depth exchange of views on the blockchain technology reform in the field of Montenegro International Trade and Finance. Through such high-standard technical cooperation, it can not only improve the operating efficiency of related fields but also accumulate rich experience and capital market reference for more national-level cooperation of Waykichain;

Launch more world first- and second-tier exchanges. Last year, Waykichain successfully launched Gate.io and Bithumb and other international first-tier exchanges, and other first-tier and second-tier exchanges are also actively contacting.

Through the creation of a high degree of global consensus, Waykichain will ultimately be given more business value and promote the landing of a business application ecosystem.

The magic weapon to win the future: Massive community expansion

The magic weapon to win the future is not how much resources you have, but how many resources you can mobilize. For this reason, in addition to having a high degree of consensus on a global scale, we also need a huge community as a vehicle that can be scheduled.

At present, through the global partner and ambassador system of various countries, Waykichain has formed a number of international communities around the world with Waykichain ambassadors as its core. Among them, 41 community managers (including global ambassadors) from 15 countries including U.S, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, Turkey, the Philippines, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Bangladesh and Nigeria, including Nearly 30 international communities; and has held several offline events in Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam and South Korea.

On the basis of the achievements of single-point breakthroughs in some key countries and regions, we will continue to penetrate overseas markets and increase the frequency of offline meet-ups and overseas marketing activities. In the coming year, we plan to hold another 30 overseas offline meet-ups through official channels, and encourage and assist global volunteers to organize about 60 offline meet-ups on their own initiative.

Through the implementation of point-to-surface breakthroughs, we will continue to attract incremental users, and continue to expand the number of users in overseas communities while maintaining the steady growth of domestic communities, and truly form a situation of massive community expansion and a global chess market.

2020: Writing our own heroism

“Having a dream that doesn’t make you exhausted in this life, I think, is the best gift that life gives you.”

At that time, when the godfather wrote this sentence in the circle of friends, Waykichain was not born yet. But what happened in the next two years, we all know: once the seeds of dreams land, under the watering of ambition, not only take root, they are already germinating, they will grow wildly.

“To set a big goal, you must focus crazily and continue to work towards it.” This is not only the creed of Wayki but also his exhortation to the team. From top to bottom, with this “crazy energy” that constantly surpasses itself and pursues excellence, Waykichain is able to open its doors and build bridges on the road of technological evolution and in the cold winter of the industry.

On the high-speed track of the global public chains, WaykiChain built around the three dimensions of “core value as the foundation”, “global high consensus” and “mass community expansion”, the next goal will be to strive for the top five and even the top 3 positions of the global public chain. Let’s wait and see how this heroic epic belongs to us.


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