WaykiChain DeFi Knowledge Quiz

Welcome to participate Wayki Super Champion Contest to win up to 7000 USD. This contest is divided into 2 Rounds!

Participants can participate individually or in teams

Join Telegram group to register: https://t.me/waykichainchampion

Round 1 — — WaykiChain Defi Knowledge Quiz (hereby refers to Quiz)

1. Please read through WaykiChain DeFi Study Materials to find the answers of Quiz.
2. Answer the Quiz (100 Questions) online: April 10th — April 12th (UTC Time)

WaykiChain DeFi Study Materials👇 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VDgXD7_YuH9LLUQXyRHuObQpmC6sBV6U?usp=sharing

💥Study materials Learning focus: WUSD White Paper = WaykiChain Defi > About WaykiChain Public Chain > WUSD vs DAI > Introduction of WaykiChain💥

QUIZ Link: https://forms.gle/ugC67hPLfx2WoouW9

Attention: TOP 100 with higher scores can get 20 WICC🔥 per person!

TOP 100 with higher scores can successfully enter into Round 2 to win up to 7000 USD rewards!

Round 2 — — Essay or Video (2 choose 1 to do)

English is preferred but not must!

The specific rules for Round 2 will announce later!

Judging criteria, please see: https://medium.com/@waykichainwicc/prize-up-to-7000usd-wayki-super-champion-contest-d8b10109d11e

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