WaykiChain Defi system runs stably, Total WICC Collateral breaks 29 million

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Affected by the global financial market, the market experienced a sharp shock this week. WaykiChain (WICC) Defi system is still operating steadily. Since this week, WaykiChain Defi system has only liquidated 0.2 million WUSD worth of WICC. At the same time, the WICC collateral volume has also increased by more than 3.8 million. At present, the price of WUSD is stable at about $ 1

It is reported that due to turbulent market conditions, the demand for protecting funds through the professional Defi system also significantly increased. Until now, it has collateralized over 29 million WICC and issued over USD 1.4 million worth of WUSD through WaykiChain Defi ecosystem.

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