WaykiChain Foundation repurchased ETH in large Numbers. WaykiChain CSO, Wayki Sun believes that its market value of ETH will surpass that of Apple Inc. in the future.

Back in late 2017, WaykiChain Team sold ETH, generating enough cash flow to support its long-term growth as the global market peaked and retreated.

According to Wayki Sun, the Founder of WaykiChain, ETH will continue to be the biggest competitor of all public chains in the near future. As the most thoroughly studied blockchain project by WaykiChain team, ETH’s current ecosystem has become increasingly mature and perfect, and it is the object that WaykiChain has been learning to catch up with. As a world-class market project, its market value might be as high as or even higher than that of Microsoft and Apple Inc. in the future, along with Bitcoin.

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