WaykiChain Goes Deeper into NFT + Games, Builds the Ultimate Integrated DeFi Public Chain

Blockchain has come to the masses courtesy of NFT.

NFTs are non-fungible or non-homogeneous tokens. You cannot divide or replace them because they are unique.

Nyan Cat, the NFT artwork worth USD 560,000

To understand what NFTs are, you can start with FTs (fungible/homogeneous tokens) first.

Such tokens can be replaced with one another and split in almost any possible way. Say, you and I both have one WICC each. Essentially, there is no difference between these two tokens. You can exchange a whole or any part of any of the WICC tokens. These are fungible tokens.

As for non-fungible tokens (NFT), they can be uniquely identified and cannot be split. Compared with FTs, their innovation is that they provide a way to mark ownership rights for originally digital assets. Due to this feature, NFT can bind with real-world commodities. They can also be used to issue special digital assets like in-game props, digital tickets, etc. CryptoKitties game that took over the world in late 2017 is one of its successful use cases.


Thanks to the collection feature of NFT, artists can create unique digital artworks. Right now, many popular American artists bind their works with NFTs.

In early 2021, Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda debuted his single “Happy Endings” in the form of an NFT and raised USD 30,000 in an auction.

WaykiChain does not linger either. In April 2021, it started strategic cooperation with Chongqing Mebius game studio and launched NFT + gaming products Peerless King and Leader’s War. In the future, WICC will be a payment option for NFT auctions in these games.

Leader’s War NFT + gaming product by WaykiChain & Chongqing Mebius

NFT + gaming is a key direction within the NFT industry. It will become a key growth market for WaykiChain’s DeFi efforts. Public-chain ecosystems have become more diversified, and liquidity and trading have been taken to a new level — all thanks to NFT applications. As WaykiChain founder Wayki Sun (Fencer) expressed previously, WaykiChain’s goal has never been “DeFi first”. It has been “building of an ultimate integrated DeFi public chain”. NFT is an indivisible part of the DeFi logic.

WaykiChain team had a head start, so it has grown into China’s top and most complete DeFi public chain. Stepping into the NFT virgin land to complement the DeFi ecosystem is the next right thing on the list. WaykiChain belongs to the first wave of successful Chinese public chains. It has gathered abundant tech experience in the industry and gained good market sensitivity. WaykiChain believes that going deeper into NFT + gaming can create more value for the project.

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Here Come NFT + Games! WaykiChain and Chongqing Mebius Join Hands in a Strategic Partnership