WaykiChain Governance Token WGRT Public Announcement

The total supply of WaykiChain governance token WGRT is 21,000,000,000. However, only 96% of the total supply was released to the Genesis account (4109388-2) at the birth of WGRT. The remaining 4% was reserved to be mined by community users through casting their WICC tokens for voting the block producers or block validators. Users can only mine WGRT tokens between October 16, 2022, and October 16, 2026, and in each year the max amount to be mined is 1% or 210,000,000 WGRT.

Currently, the genesis account holds 16,451,158,768 WGRT. There exists an escrow smart contract (12427718-2) that holds 1,608,841,232 WGRT, which is used for airdrops to the institutional private placement, team incentives, community, and global airdrop programs.

The team announced that for the first year, i.e. by July 1, 2021, the circulating supply of WGRT will remain 2,100,000,000.

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