WaykiChain Insists on Technology Exploration being Transformed into Business Advantage

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The focus of WaykiChain in 2018 is market development,by 2019, the focus is technology exploration.

Focusing on the development of technology in a constantly changing market environment and constantly seeking re-breakthroughs in technology has become the main theme of WaykiChain strategy in current stage. In the process, WaykiChain will further establish its position in the industry: to become the forerunner of the new business model with its own technological advantages.

As WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao recently mentioned in an industry media interview: “Our technology exploration has a commercial direction, not just for technology itself.”

A proper understanding of the information released by his words allows us to understand what WaykiChain is doing.

In the past six months, WaykiChain has made various efforts for technology upgrades, including a substantial increase in TPS, stablecoin WUSD construction, cross-chain technology development and optimization of block generation time etc. On the surface, this series of actions is a regular progress of WaykiChain as a public blockchain focusing on technology, while actually these technical progress are important layout of WaykiChain business model.

For example, WaykiChain will launch the stablecion WUSD based on the bottom layer of public blockchain. The focus is not on “stablecoin” itself, but on the technical architecture “based on the bottom layer of the public blockchain”. Compared to other contract-based stablecoin, WUSD is more secure, manageable and scalable, and can support a wider range of upper-layer applications. It is most important to assist all DApps on the WaykiChain, ultimately reaching more users and promoting business.

Another example is WaykiChain launching cross-chain technology development to better carry out decentralized financial services. Since the market capacity determines the degree of ecological prosperity, in terms of current market prices, the market capacity of WaykiChain is actually just more than 200 million yuan RMB, so it is necessary to include more diversified digital assets, such as Bitcoin. Then the market capacity can be expanded to the trillion dollar level.

As for the promotion of TPS, enhancing TPS can meet the data throughput of various large-scale commercial applications. It is one of important infrastructures for future business development. And reducing the time of the block generation is beneficial to the future high-frequency commercial application scenarios.

It can be seen that all the technical explorations of WaykiChain are carried out around the direction of commercial development, and ultimately they are all transformed into commercial advantages.

Transforming new technologies into engines that drive business needs to link the potential of technology and real business scenarios to market needs, and that’s one of WaykiChain’s current efforts.

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