WaykiChain Makes Strategic Investment in Beekuaibao, tuoluocaijing.cn, W Broker

Today WaykiChain strategically invested in Beekuaibao(https://www.beekuaibao.com/), tuoluocaijing.cn, and W Broker(https://www.waykichain.com/huatong.html). WaykiChain is a public chain that started in 2017 and focused on DeFi in 2019. It positions itself as an integrated DeFi public chain focusing on blockchain R&D and DeFi public chain ecology operation.
Beekuaibao is a cryptocurrency media and investment advisory platform similar to toutiao.com and xueqiu.com. It aims to be the world’s largest value discovery platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency that provides users with a smart information flow, graphics, CV-Rank, and growth trajectory index.
tuoluocaijing.cn is a blockchain media platform for industry news, events, and project reports. It aims to be the top place to gather the public opinion on quality blockchain projects. It is at the forefront of the crypto media industry, advocating blockchain empowerment of the real economy and promoting the steady development of industrial blockchain.
W Broker is the first securities company supporting deposits in cryptocurrency. It gives access to Hong Kong and US innovative pre-IPOs, trading, margin financing, securities lending, and exclusive channels for investment in unlisted would-be giants.
With this investment, WaykiChain upgrades its integrated DeFi public chain ecology strategy. WaykiChain expresses that it will contribute more to the upper-level design of the blockchain industry, explore blockchain utility, and promote the robust development of blockchain for the prosperity of its public chain ecology and reformation of the industry.

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