WaykiChain Monthly Report — Feb 2019

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Technology & Product

Application Development

1. Fixed the problem that WaykiTimes wallet nodes could not be synchronized in time.

2. WaykiTimes: Launched “Red Envelope” v2.0, background management system, and “Like” functions.

3. WaykiTimes: Launched “Perspective” function to share perspectives of Weibo, Twitter KOLs and exchanges.

4. Upgrade the wallet in WaykiTimes, the progress is 70% completed.

5. Develop WaykiTimes English version, the progress is 40% completed.

6. Started the data collection and analysis of WaykiTimes user behavior.

7. Designed “Discovery” section: including application center, third-party game access, etc.

8. The overall progress of blockchain games is 86% completed.

T2D2 Development

1. “Developer Portal” English version was officially launched.

2. Established training system and scheduled five developer training meetup in China.

3. Completed the development of the first beta version of WaykiChain web wallet plugin.

4. Reached cooperation with third-party team on the development of MMORPG game program.

5. Develop the simple version of smart contract deployment & calling tools, and the progress is 50% completed.

Public Chain Development

1. Built a visual monitoring system based on Telegraf+InfluxDB+Grafana which can ensure the security and stability of our public chain ecosystem. In addition, other alarming systems such abnormal transfer alarm and fork alarm are also in development and improvement.

2. Develop the normal and abnormal cases for the public chain automated testing. The development progress is 90% completed. Currently the cases can cover 80% of the situations.

3. Reached cooperation with Knownsec. Knowsec will conduct a comprehensive security review of WaykiChain’s codes. Knowsec has reported eight low-risk vulnerabilities and one medium-risk vulnerability, and we have fixed the problems accordingly.

4. To prepare for the official launch of nodes, Waykichain team has conducted a comprehensive voting operation for public chain nodes and verified the voting operation and voting transaction logic by replacing the nodes.

5. Submitted 197 modifications of public chain codes in Feb, and fixed two critical security vulnerabilities. All the mainnet nodes have been updated.



1. Released all the five tasks of WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program. Developers from all over the world, including the United States, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, and Philippines, have signed up for the program; Successfully held the first WaykiChain executives & overseas developers communication meeting.

2. 800+ European and American medias and 23 Korean medias reported WaykiChain’s “Developer Portal”, including Reuters, Assocaited Press, Finanznachrichten, South Korea SBS, Asia Today, Electronic Times , Korea Blockchain News, etc.

3. Continued to disclose the latest updates of WaykiChain project to our community via telegram group and other SNS platforms.

4. Created “WaykiChain Developers-Global” telegram group, and attracted three new overseas tech volunteers: Alfred (USA), KhanhND (Vietnam), Jun Park (Korea).

5. Published “WaykiChain 2019 Roadmap”, “Meet WaykiChain Team”, “WaykiChain Delivers Enhanced Public Chain”, “Follow WaykiChain’s Github” and other articles.

6. The English version of WaykiChain News-”CRYPTO WEEKLY ROUNDUP” has been updated to issue №51.

7. Translation support.


1. During the Spring Festival, WaykiChain and Huobi Chat co-held a “Red Envelope” event, and attracted 15,074 users to join in WaykiChain community.

2. Held four events on Weibo in Feb, with total 29,270 views, 173 forwards, and 244 comments.

3. Published 14 issues of WaykiChain Daily News in February. The WaykiChain daily news had been updated to live stream from Feb 25, and the latest 5 episodes has accumulated 21,646 views, 12,371 likes, 824 comments, and 96 followers.

4. The short video series “WICC Office” was officially launched, and opened “WICC Office” Weibo account. The video is to share the daily work of WaykiChain office, show the energy and value of WaykiChain team. The first episode has attracted 2,300 views.

5. Sponsored by WaykiChain, lk.wiki, and supported by Linux China, Phoenix Technology, “Blockchain Preschool” was officially launched and opened online sign-up channel. Participants can get enrolled from Huodongxing, lk.wiki and Gyro Finance.

6. WaykiChain opened official account in Huoqiu Finance and Gongxiang Finance to deliver more WaykiChain information to the users.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit andLinkedIn.

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