WaykiChain Monthly Report — Jan 2019

Technology Monthly Report

Application Development

1. Completed the development of WaykiBet 2.5 and 2.5.1: including the development of front-end and back-end functions and 5 games.

2. Completed the development of “Red Envelope” and sharing to WeChat function and and successfully launched in WaykiTimes.

3. Completed the development and launch of “Perspective” function in WaykiTimes: support to share Weibo and Twitter KOL updates and exchange’s recommendations.

4. Added milestone, team culture in the official website background management system and added new TKD configuration, video uploading, news uploading function.

5. Completed a set of test framework based on Jenkins+ant+jmeter+docker system to support automated testing of application and public chain.

6. Completed the development of WaykiChain one-click deployment toolbox based on Golang and Shell Script language, and opened source for third parties to use.

T2D2 Development

1. The English version of developer documentation was officially launched, which added a description of the construction method of the private chain RegTest.

2. Web wallet plug-in bounty: Lino team was picked as the developing team and the program is 50% completed.

3. Launched public chain bug bounty program with the highest single reward of 80,000 RMB.

4. Reached cooperation with “Proginn.com” platform, and the blokchain training courses of WaykiChain will be released on Proginn.com.

5. The open source community provided the offline signature library of web wallet after test and verification.

6. Officially opened the source of WaykiChain wallet offline signature library based on Kotlin, JavaScript and Golang languages.

7. Promoted the development of one-click digital assets offering: the prototype design was completed, and entered the development stage, and it is planned to be completed by the end of March.

8. Provided WaykiChain node technology support for new third-party exchanges and wallet providers.

9. The concept of WaykiChain BaaS was first introduced, and provided the node interaction service of mainnet and the testnet, and free test coin service.

Public Chain Development

1. Completed the API testing of contract mylib library, and fixed all existing problems.

2. Fixed the problem that the synchronized nodes are easily lost during the initialized download phase of WaykiChain program.

3. After a comprehensive evaluation of a number of security review suppliers, a supplier with strong strength in the security field was selected to begin a security review of the WaykiChain’s public chain technology, and the review is expected to be completed by the end of March.

4. Launched public chain bug bounty, and promoted in various channels such as Wechat, WaykiTimes, etc.

5. Automate the automation of one-click publishing and updating of public-chain nodes for the first time, and update 11 test chains deployed globally to the latest version.

6. Completed the development of automated tool that can automatically release and update public chain nodes, and updated the 11 test nodes deployed worldwide. It is planned to complete the upgrade of the mainnet within a month.

7. Submitted 166 commits of WaykiChain node code in January. As of the end of this month, there were a total of 367 commits, which fixed a large number of node JSON-RPC interface bugs and improved their robustness and stability.

Product Monthly Report

Official Website

1. Launched “Breaking News” and “Videos” in “News & Announcement” section. Users can easily view important news and videos of WaykiChain.

2. Completed the upgrade of the official website background management system.

3. Supported TKD separate search of news and articles support.

4. SEO optimization is ongoing.

5. Added the “DApp Download” entry in the navigation bar to view the download information of “WaykiTimes” and “WaykiBet”.


1. “Red Envelope” function version 2.0 was launched. Any user can send crypto red envelope and share it to Wechat and Moments.

2. The “Perspective” section was launched, and added functions including KOL perspectives, “Like”, etc.

Blockchain Game

1. @ version was 88% completed.

2. Adjusted the differentiation between systems and strengthen the connection between systems.

3. Adjusted system development and test version experience.

4. Optimized UI interactions and lower operational thresholds.

5. Optimized the economic system and mission system, and optimized the difficulty of growth levels.

6. Collected data of competing products and adjusted the numerical version.

Marketing Monthly Report


1. Jan 05, 2019 marked one-year anniversary of WaykiChain’s Project Lauch. Through the H5 look back, the memorial brochure, management team interviews and online activities, WaykiChain interacted with our supporters with the theme of WaykiChain one-year anniversary. The total exposure was over 620k and total interaction volume was 3,039.

2. WaykiChain gave away 400 gifts to WaykiChain’s investors, volunteers, media and other partners to extend our gratitude for their support and cooperation over past 1 year.

3. WaykiChain(WICC) was invited to Attend Chain Plus Summit in Korea. The press release was picked up by 81 Chinese media.

4. In January, we published 20 issues WaykiChain Daily News, which is updated №120 so far. WaykiChain Daily News was Upgraded to voice broadcast and 5 anchorwomen of multiple styles broadcast important news about Blockchain everyday.

5. WaykiChain Official Weibo Account planned 4 online bounty activities to interact with our followers, focusing on WaykiChain one-year anniversary, the video What is Peppa Pig, Chinese football team in Asain Cup, etc. Total views were157,687 and total interaction volume was 974.

6. WaykiTimes entered Google Play app store, Huawei application market, Xiaomi application market, Myapp and 360 App Store. The Dapp opened red paper function before Spring Festival.

7. WaykiChain signed cooperation agreement with Huoxing24 and opened official account on Huoxing. At the same time, WaykiChain also entered CSDN, Tecent Class, Zilian Academy and other online education platforms to offer blockchain knowledge and service to nationwide technology enthusiasts for free. WaykiChain entered Lianke- the blockchain technology community, and Proginn- the technology column to share WaykiChain’s updated technology progress and development. WaykiChain entered Douliao, Sina Blog, Bilun and other platforms for future communication with their audience.


Marketing Development

1. WaykiChain CEO (Twitter ID:Gordon Gao) announced via Twitter the kickoff of a $50,000 Developer Incentive Program, which aims at encourage global developers to create more valuable Dapps on WaykiChain’s public chain and promote a sound and globalized development of WaykiChain’s ecosystem.

2. WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao was invited to attend Chain Plus, Korea’s top blockchain summit and delivered keynote speech “The Current State of Public Chains and WaykiChain’s Innovative Solutions”. After the submit, Mr. Gao was specially interviewed by local well-know Blockchain media-Token Post.

3. WaykiChain Overseas Team attended Chain Plus exhibition in South Korea.


1. Established Telegram Group: WaykiChain Developers-Global and prepared WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program, including event introduction, task setting, award setting, business cooperation, media cooperation, etc.

2. Operate the telegram group: WaykiChain Official Group and released project updates such as kickoff of WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program, new exchange where WICC get listed, launch of Project Overview, Attendance of Chain Plus Summit, etc.

Content Release

1. Initially completed the constuction of WaykiChain’s sections on platforms such as CoinMarketCap/Steemit/Reddit, and continued to disclose project updates to overseas users.

2. Project updates about WaykiChain launched Project Overview, WaykiChain attended Korean Blockchain Summit, WICC was listed in Bit-Z exchanges, WaykiTimes entered Google Play and other app stores were picked up by over 200 media.

3. WaykiChain CEO was interviewed by Korean Blockchain Media and WaykiChain CTO was interviewed by American famous YouTuber.

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