WaykiChain Monthly Report — March 2019

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Technology & Product Development

Application Development

1. Launched WaykiTimes international version is officially.

2. Changed the wallet nodes.

3. Third-party applications in DApp Store can invoke the signature interface of WaykiTimes now. The developer-friendliness is further enhanced.

4. Started the User Behavior Analysis Project, which is crucial to further optimize the user experience.

T2D2 Development

1. DApp Funding Program: The event page on the website is ready. Developers can check the details of the program and find dev tools and docs on the page. (100%)

2. Provided tech support for smart contract development for overseas developer teams. (100%)

3. Completed the development of smart contract IDE tools. Developers can deploy the smart contract conveniently and improve the development efficiency. (100%)

4. Confirmed the WRC20 standard. (100%)

5. New blockchain explorer: The prototype design is 70% completed.

6. Launched web wallet plug-in v0.1.0 public beta version.

Public Chain Development

1. Fixed the problem that the kotlin version of the offline signature SDK does not package the three-party dependent library.

2. Communicated with Knownsec, Inc. about the safety review process and the final result of WaykiChain’s security review.

3. Upgraded the signature algorithm to improve the performance of the signature. The signature verification has been sped up by 5 times! (100%)

4. Limited the sigstr parameter of the rpc interface to prevent that the data is too long. (100%)

5. Migrated WaykiChain’s node program to other Linux systems (Ubuntu 14/16/18, CentOS 7). (100%)

6. Users can create account with no activation (compatible with RegID) to improve security. (40%)

7. Refactored “Prevent the Replay Attack of Transactions” module, remove the unnecessary 500 pieces of recent data from the local hard disk, and speed up the repeated transaction verification performance by 15 times by changing the data structure. (100%)

Work Plan for Next Month

1. WaykiTimes V1.2.1:

① To launch 5 DApps in “Find”: Number Guess, One-Click ICO, WaykiMan, FishChain and TokenWin.

② To launch “Event Center”, where users can discuss the hot topics about WaykiChain and the market.

③ To launch “Academy”, where users can learn about WaykiChain updates and blockchain knowledge.

2. To complete the development of smart contract IDE.

3. To complete the development of the function that users can create account with no activation (compatible with RegID). (100%)

4. Multi-signature support: Support M-N multi-signature to improve the security of multi-party transactions and meet the requirements for more applications.

5. To develop automated testing framework to improve the testing efficiency (100%).

Community Development


1. The first Developer Incentive Program officially ended on March 30. The tow-month program has received 3,326,000 views in total and collected 109 submissions from the candidates from over 29 countries and regions. Including:

① Initially built overseas developer community, with about 500 followers in total.

② Five developers has finished nodes deployment.

③ Russian team EasyChain finished smart contract tool development.

④ Two overseas Dapp teams received DApp development task.

⑤ Four people recommended developers and received rewards.

⑥ Recruited two developer volunteers from Vietnam and U.S.A. respectively.

2. Disclosed the latest updates of WaykiChain project to the community including “WaykiChain Official Group” and “WaykiChain Developers-Global” telegram groups.

3. Held the first WaykiChain & Developers online meetup, WaykiChain’s head of Blockchain R&D, Water Xiao introduced the advantages and support provided of WaykiChain.

4. The English version of WaykiChain News — “CRYPTO WEEKLY ROUNDUP” has been updated per week.

5. WaykiChain Whitepaper V2.0. (90%)

6. Finished the translate support for the overseas version of WaykiTimes, Wallet plug-in WaykiMax and overseas developers Dapp.


1. The first session of ‘Blockchain Preschool’ launched by WaykiChain and lk.wiki has been successfully held in Blockchain R&D Center in ShenZhen, China. 65 students participated in this session. And Si Fou, CSDN and Jue Jin etc. Technology development communities supported the program.

2. Technology Q&A program launched by WaykiChain in lk.wiki successfully ended. 266 blockchain enthusiasts paid attention to WaykiChain topic, and produced 47 Q&A about technology development of WaykiChain and 16 technology development-related articles, as well as 595 developers has watched the online course about WaykiChain DApp operating.

3. China Development Forum was held in Beijing on March 23, 2019. WaykiChain team was invited to attend the conference for the second year.

4. WaykiChain has reached cooperation with Xianglian blockchain tech community. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on developer programs.

5. The short video series “WICC Office” has been greatly attentioned by community users since officially launched. Produced 14 episodes of the short video series this month with an average view of over 1600 on TikTok.

6. Held 1 event on Weibo in March, with total 15,000 views, 71 forwards, and 75 comments.

7. Produced 17 episodes of “WaykiChain Daily News” live broadcast, with 22,723 views, 12,926 likes, and 1131 comments in total.

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