WaykiChain(WICC) Monthly Report — — May

WaykiChain WICC
4 min readJun 3, 2019


Technology & Product Development

Stable Coin

· Completed the basic functions of the equity token pledge transaction and the feeding transaction to check the transaction sender’s transaction authority (100%);

· Increased the creation of a mortgage debt (CDP) transaction at the interaction layer (100%);

· Increased CDP redemption transactions at the interactive layer (50%).

Application Development

· Blockchain explorer v2.0.0 is official launched. Based on the original blockchain explorer, functions and interface has been optimized, users can easily query any WaykiChain related information (100%);

· WaykiMax (Explorer plug-in wallet) is successfully live on 360 Explorer Appstore!(100%)

· WaykiTimes v1.3.1: added app horizontal screen and token list functions to strengthen the WaykiChain ecological construction;

· WaykiTimes v2.0.0: optimizing the existing interfaces and features to further enhance user experience. (3%)

T2D2 Development

· Upgrated BaaS service, fixed related bugs, developers can easily publish smart contracts. (100%)

· The developement work of WaykiMix v2.0.0. (60%)

· Set the standard for WRC721. (60%)

· Used GitLab + Ansible to implement explorer front-end automated deployment.

· Use Ansible to implement the deployment of R&D nodes at t1-t11.

· Use Ansible to implement zabbix-agnt deployment.

· Swagger2CaseManager (Interface automation test management platform): optimize the code and debug.

Public Chain Development

· Increase fuel calculation for basic operational instructions for lua virtual machines (100%)

· Refactored transaction rollback module (100%)

· Fixed data error under node chain caused by data cache (100%)

· Public chain construction support, revise the automated test cases according to the newest nodes. (100%)

· Used soft forks to change one coin for eleven tickets to one coin for one ticket. (100%)

· Refactored the code to prevent transaction replay attacks. (100%)

· Refactored the storage logic of voting.(100%)

· Modified the fuel calculation for the contract operation step to be fully compatible with v1.0. (100%)

· Increase fuel calculation for each interface of the contract mylib. (100%)

· Support the free activation for contract transaction account (compatible with RegID). (100%)

· Voting transaction distributes the interests for each block. (100%)

· The parameterized configuration node starts the height of the new feature to easily debug.(100%)

· Organized the fuel calculation documents to adjust to the latest implementation. (100%)

· Refactored the use of temporary caching in the database to optimize code structure. (100%)

· Refactoring the database underlying access interface to optimize code structure. (80%)

Work Plan for This Month

· WaykiTimes v2.0.0 UI design. (80%)

· Refactor the database underlying access interface to optimize code structure.

· Improve the implementation of CDP related transactions.

Community Development


· WaykiChain “Global Partner” Program has successfully recruited two overseas partners, they are Trond Hov from Norway and Michael Lukianoff from the United States.They will assist the WaykiChain in branding and resource docking in Europe and North America respectively.

· WaykiChian project updates are constantly paid attention by overseas medias, Cointelegraph reported that WaykiChain to launch the world’s first stable coin at the bottom layer of public chain WUSD; CCN reported the interview of CEO Gordon, unvealing the win-win-win business model of WaykiChain; Forbes column reporter interviewed with CEO Gordon, the content of interview will be published on Forbes in recent days.

· WaykiChain is expanding the Korean market. CTO Richard Chen accepted the interviews from Asia Economic TV blockchain channel of the Korean TV media, ITBC and Block In Press in Seoul, to introduce the core competitiveness and industry contribution of WaykiChain to the Korean people.

· CEO Gordon accepted an interview with the famous Youtuber Ivan on Tech. The interview video was widely watched, and the number of views in the two days was over 12,000.

· WaykiChain constantly interacts with community users: Official Reddit opens CEO AMA (Ask Me Anything) to answer overseas users’ questions about WaykiChain project and industry, answering questions from overseas users about the project and the blockchain industry; official Telegram launched Weekly Traiva Q&A Game; official Twitter launched “Bitcoin Pizza Day” and “Follower Contest”; official Korean Kakao community launched award-winning (Starbucks) event.

· Updated “Crypto Weekly Roundup”.


· On May 20th, the third-party game “Wayki Legend” launched by WaykiChain has received a broad attention from industry medias and communities. Since the launch, more than 1,000 players have participated in the game. According to the WaykiChain blockchain explorer, as of June 2, The game has generated 57,307 WICC transaction flow.

· In May, WaykiChain DApp Funding Program has received a total of 26 DApp project proposals from third parties, 80% of which are game-based DApps. WaykiChain will continue to invite high-quality DApps to join the eco-construction program.

· The WaykiChain Joint Atlas Protocol hosted the “Participating in the WaykiChain Questionnaire to Win WICC” event, which ended on May 27th and has 302 participants.

· The first phase of the “Blockchain Preschool” has ended in 5 courses, of which 3 students passed the examination and obtained a diploma.

· WaykiChain was invited by lk.wiki and was given the opportunity to show project as one of the first batch of ‘Blockchain Stars’.

· Produced 4 episode of “WaykiChain Daily News” live broadcast, with 9,987 views and 3,570 likes, and 370 comments.

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