WaykiChain Monthly Report — Nov 2018

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Marketing Monthly Report


  1. WaykiTimes V1.0 has been officially launched.
  2. WaykiChain was invited to attend “2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit”.
  3. WaykiChain was invited to attend “2018 Central China Blockchain Technology Enabling Real Economy Summit”.
  4. Get listed on KCEx exchange.
  5. Entered Bituniverse Link platform.
  6. Entered Coindaily platform.
  7. Entered Biche platform.
  8. Entered Hecaijing platform.
  9. Entered Qufen platform.
  10. Launched Single’s Day activity series — “WaykiChain Pays Your Bill”.
  11. Launched Single’s Day activity series — “WaykiChain Product Expert — Find Bugs”.
  12. Completed the fifth “Influencer’s Questions” in WaykiTimes.
  13. Co-hosted “Halloween Candy” activity with xcong.com.
  14. WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao held a live chat in the community of xcong.com.
  15. Co-planned “Single’s Day Shopping Festival” activity with AEX.
  16. Three crypto KOL entered WaykiTimes.
  17. Co-hosted “Crypto Lucky Dog”, “WaykiChain Airdrop”, “Bitcoin 10 Years” activities with BiShiJie.
  18. Co-held Thanksgiving activity with BiShiJie.
  19. Corrected WICC circulating supply on Mytoken, Feixiaohao and Huobi.
  20. Held WaykiChain 2019 Campus Recruitment in seven 985 and 211 universities, including South China University of Technology , Jilin University, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, East China Normal University, Wuhan University and Wuhan University of Technology.
  21. Community reward activity has been ongoing in WaykiTimes.
  22. Xueqiu quiz activity has been ongoing.


  1. Held WaykiChain CEO & Global Medias Online Meetup. 8 medias including Cointelegraph, AMB Crypto, Core Blockchain Development, Inoformance attended the meetup.
  2. Successfully held community activities, including WaykiChain-Halloween themed activity, “WaykiBet Bug Bounty”, WaykiChain-Thanksgiving themed activity, WaykiChain Light Paper Quiz activity and Tweeter bounty activities.
  3. Co-held Tweeter activity with BITuniverse Link and won Top 10 Projects award.
  4. Published advantage of WaykChain project themed article, WaykiChain Milestones, WaykiChain CEO & Global Medias Online Meetup, T2D2 program progress and other project updates.
  5. WaykiTimes English Version translation-70% done.
  6. WaykiChain Project Overview translation- 20% done.

Technology Monthly Report

Work Completed this Month

  1. External Cooperation and Developments

1) Under the unremitting efforts of WaykiChain technology team, Huobi has successfully supported WaykiChain mainnet switch and completed the first batch of old coin switch and burn;

2) WaykiBet v2.5, blockchain scanning service and interactive interface service are all open source on GitHub for global developers to quickly develop betting applications;

3) Completed T2D2 presentation in colleges and universities nationwide;

4) Completed the monthly distribution of WICC lock revenue.

2. Blockchain Application Development

1) Launched WaykiTimes v1.0;

2) Launched WaykiBet v2.5.

3. Developer Program Development

1) Completed the preliminary construction and launch of WaykiChain Developer Portal (home page, developer help center, API, open source projects, etc.);

2) Built WeChat group and Telegram group of the developer community.

4. Blockchain Development

1) Fixed the bug: voting transactions caused hard forks and could not recover;

2) WaykiChain code continues to optimize: interactive annotation correction, interface definition normalization, adding new contract data read interface without hexadecimal conversion;

3) WaykiChain node program container image construction file is continuously optimized and released on the world-renowned dockerhub, which is convenient for global users to pull container images and quick deployment.

4) WaykiChain’s 11 miannet chain nodes and 11 test chain nodes are all switched to container-based deployment.

Work Plan for Next Month

  1. To enhance the functions of WaykiTimes DApp, including live broadcasts, chats, and forums.
  2. To open source of WaykiBet and game related API for third parties to easy access and integrate.
  3. To develop Developer Portal, perfect documentation, and build tools such as online contracts and personal assets. In addition, provide at least one technical training for the developer community.
  4. To optimize the code of WaykiChain.

Product Monthly Report

WaykiBet v2.5:

1) Continuously collected the feedback from users since WaykiBet’s launch in last month. Filtered and evaluated the feedback from “Bugs Finding Contest” activity.

2) Completed the development and launch of WaykiBet v2.5.2, fixed bugs, and added overseas SMS service.

WaykiTimes v1.0:

1) Continued to promote WaykiTimes DApp’s launch on application stores. At present, WaykiTimes has launched on 6 application stores: Huawei, Xiaomi, 360, Tencent, OPPO and Alibaba. The launch on Apple AppStore is in progressing;

2) Confirmed the optimization projects in second phase;

3) Completed the monthly distribution of WICC lock revenue;

4) Fixed more than 10 bugs and optimized user experiences.

Blockchain Game (48% completed)

1) Completed the development requirements; planned and built the back end;

2) Started writing smart contracts;

3) Developed UI and interactive work;

4) Followed up the front and back end development; designed new gameplay.

Developer Portal 1.0 (100% completed)

Development completed.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn.

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