WaykiChain Monthly Report - Oct 2018

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Marketing Monthly Report


1. Held three live chats with CEO, CTO and CPO as speakers.

2. Completed project updates in Huobi and tuoluocaijing.cn project centers.

3. Applied for “the most beautiful project” of Huobi and submitted related documents.

4. Co-held “Crypto Lucky Dog” campaign with BiShiJie.

5. Co-held airdrop activity with BiShiJie in its “Crypto” live stream.

6. WaykiChain project launched on Bitell and Bitan.

7. WaykiChain DApp launched on blockchain app store BeeStore.

8. WaykiChain achieved strategic cooperation with CAITEC.

9. WaykiChain was invited to attend “Shenzhen Blockchain Industry Development” seminar.

10. Co-held Halloween campaign with xcong.com.

11. Co-held topic lecture of “Blockchain & Credit Economy Research” with CAITEC.

12. Held “WaykiChain 2019 Campus Recruitment” — South China University of China station.

13. Block Diamond Rating — WaykiChain Rating Report was released.

14. Added new banner of official website.

15. Published announcement on “WKD” token disposition.

16. Planned “Be WaykiChainers” campaign.

17. Completed project related survey on Xueqiu.


1. WICC was listed on BiteBTC.

2. Held “Be WaykiChainers Q&A”, “WaykiChain Prediciton” and “WaykiChain-Halloween Pic” campaigns on SNS.

3. Set up WaykiChain official sub-section in Reddit, Bitcoin and Steemit, and uploaded WaykiChain project updates.

4. Continued to promote the marketing cooperation with main medias and exchanges.

5. Continued to recruit global volunteers.

Technology Monthly Report

ork summary of Oct.

1. Completed the first phase development of prediction DApp V2.5 and released its beta version.

2. Completed the first phase development of Waykitimes and released App.

3. Fixed the document description problems of WaykiChain code, and added the code to support nodes voting.

4. Continued to follow up WICC mainnet switch with Huobi, including submitting the code and documents and providing technical support.

Work plan for Nov.

1. To develop decentralized blockchain games.

2. To build developer web portal and content.

3. To develop the second phase of Waykitimes App.

4. To develop the second phase of prediction DApp.

5. To add vote function of core wallet database of mobile terminal.

6. Continue to optimize the code of WaykiChain.

7. To complete the technology bridge of mainnet switch on Huobi and start the migration from ERC-20 token to mainnet token.

Product Monthly Report

Work summary of Oct.

1. Prediction DApp V2.5 (100% completed):

① Completed the testing and optimization of wallet and exchange modules.

② Competed the development and testing for all modules, and started the internal testing in formal environment.

③ Worked with Marketing team for DApp launch preparation.

2. WaykiTimes V1.0 (85% completed):

① Completed the development of joint debugging of all modules.

② The function development of iOS terminal was 90% completed, and Andriod terminal was 80% completed.

③ Completed product testing, formal environment setup, and the design of logo and guidance page.

④ Completed acceptance of management back end.

3. Blockchain Games (30% completed):

① Completed the preliminary design of 5 games and the requirement documents of 3 games.

② To complete another 5 requirement documents; To work with tech team for the development of the first game.

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