WaykiChain Official Announcement Public Chain V3.0 Upgrade

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Dear WaykiChainers all around the world,

We are proud to announce that our Public Chain will be upgraded Version 3.0.

Hard Fork Height: 11776688,

Upgrade Time: 10:10 AM July 20, 2020 (UTC+8).

WaykiChain technical team will continue to improve the efficiency and user experience of the system.

7 New Features of Public Chain V3.0

1. WASM Virtual Machine

Public Chain V3.0 introduces the most industry-recognized efficient Smart Contract, Virtual Machine, allowing fast safe, reliable, and powerful application development; Smart Contractdeployed at the same time is executed by binary machine instruction, which significantly improves the operation efficiency.

2. Decentralized Cross-Chain

Decentralized Cross-Chain function supports the safe and convenient exchange of various assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and WaykiChain to generate mirroring tokens like mBTC, mETH, mUSDT, etc. Cross-Chainassets can be allowed in various DeFi products such as CDP and DEX on WaykiChain.

3. Consensus Mechanism

Public Chain V3.0 introduces pBFT on the basis of DPoS ensures final confirmation of each transaction within 3–6 seconds.

4. TPS (Transaction Speed per Second)

The average transaction speed per second of Public Cain V3.0 reaches4500+.

5. CDP+

Public Chain V3.0 supports multiple types of mortgages, including cross-chain assets such as BTC, ETH, and WaykiChain mainnet coin as well as other coins on it, and introduces the function of convertible debt to interest.

6. DEX+ (Decentralized Exchange)

Public Chain V3.0 supports everyone to open an unlimited trading pair, the double signature of a pending order, Cross-order taking, partial service fee recycling, and destruction.


The introduction of UTXO realized. The account model and account balance model are built on the same chain with interactive usability. At the same time, it provides five smart “lock” functions, which are suitable for many practical application scenarios.

WaykiChain is committed to building a world-leading public blockchain, and decentralized finance eco-system and open protocol.

Thank you for your continuous support. WaykiChain strives to improve and optimize our technology and user experience.

WaykiChain Technical Team

July 10th, 2020

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