WaykiChain Raised USD 15M for a New DeFi Takeoff

WaykiChain has recently raised USD 3 million for DeFi ecosystem development in a round led by AEX and a total investment of USD 15 million.

According to the team, the funds will be mainly used to cultivate WaykiChain’s DeFi ecosystem, support and incubate high-quality DeFi projects, and ensure sufficient liquidity for its existing DeFi projects.

As one of the first public chains in China to step into the DeFi realm, WaykiChain boasts of the decentralized exchange Wayki-DEX, the synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol Wayki-X, and the collateral lending and stablecoin issuance protocol Wayki-CDP. The outlines of its DeFi ecosystem are starting to take shape.

Earlier in January, WaykiChain has announced a public election of 21 Super Nodes to kick off the decentralized governance. The raised funds will help WaykiChain expand its applied DeFi system and improve the asset turnover loop.

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