WaykiChain ROG Genesis Yield Farming Lock-up Broke USD 5 Million, Round 1 APR Skyrocketed to 1848%

By 20:00 HKT on September 26, 56,000 ROG was generated in Round 1 of WaykiChain Genesis Yield Farming.

At 21:00 HKT, Wayki-DEX listed ROG and opened the ROG/WUSD trading pair. AEX launched the ROG/USDT trading pair at the same time. The rise at trading opening reached 1,000%. As per the highest price of ROG of 1.1548 USDT on AEX, Round 1 APR of the WICC pool reached 1,089%, while Round 1 APR of the WGRT pool reached 1,848%.

WaykiChain ROG Genesis Yield Farming has no quota limits. As of 22:30 HKT, the WICC pool lock-up is over 17.45 million tokens, the WGRT pool lock-up is over 53.31 million tokens and the TLV (total locked value) of ROG Genesis Yield Farming broke USD 5 million.

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Website: www.waykichain.com