WaykiChain(WICC) Strives to Stabilize the Market and Give Investors Confidence

On August 14, the price of Ethereum slumped 20% and Bitcoin fell below 6,000 USD…The dismal performance of predominant cryptocurrencies makes the market sentiment depressed.

Badly affected by the bearish market, WICC price has experienced irrational declines. To stabilize the market, WaykiChain immediately started a contingency plan: By far, WaykiChain has already spent more than 900 bitcoin and 30 million RMB cash to repurchase WICC in the market. In addition, we have prepared another 100 million RMB cash as backup. Currently, the initial investors still have more than 180% profit for WICC/ETH price.

Historically all valuable cryptocurrencies have experienced drastic price fluctuations. Bitcoin’s price fell from 8,000 CNY to 900 CNY, then rose to 130,000 CNY; Litecoin’s price fell from 388 CNY to 5 CNY and then rose to 3,000 CNY; Ripple’s price fell from 5 CNY to 0.01 CNY then rose to 20 CNY…We have reasons to believe that current price fluctuations are only short-term market behavior.

Ever since its establishment, WaykiChain team has continued to attracted elites from well-known companies such as Tencent, Alibaba and Intel, and implemented strategic plannings methodically. Facing the global cryptocurrency downturn, we must think rationally and wait for the bull with patience.

Website: https://www.waykichain.com/

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