WaykiChain Super Node Election Conference in Wuhan Concluded Successfully

On April 11, 2021, WaykiChain Super Node Election Conference in Wuhan concluded successfully! This was the fifth conference following ones in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, and Hangzhou. We once again thank all honored guests, partners, media, community users, and team members who came to the venue for the attention and support!

This conference in Wuhan attracted about 70 community users. At the venue, each of them got a 10,000 WGRT airdrop. Six lucky participants won exclusive WaykiChain-branded 2-item gifts in a prize draw.

The honored guests invited to the conference were WaykiChain Community Manager Chenggang Yan, WaykiChain Technical Director Xinhua Chen, WaykiChain Overseas Marketing Director Tingting Wen, and WaykiChain Community Operations Director Dongzhi Li. They gave powerful speeches from the community, technology, and overseas market perspectives.

WaykiChain’s Multi-dimensional Development and Core Business Logic

WaykiChain Community Manager Chenggang Yan presented the speech “WaykiChain’s Multi-dimensional Development and Core Business Logic”. Taking time as a reference line, Mr. Yan introduced the development path of WaykiChain and the results achieved at each stage.

In 2017, WaykiChain kicked off the system construction. In 2018, WaykiChain mainnet was launched and the Dragon version was built. The following major iterations were Ascend and Tiger. Currently, the 4th version Big Leap is under development.

In 2019, WaykiChain started its DeFi path. As of now, it has developed the decentralized collateral lending system Wayki-CDP, the WUSD stablecoin, the decentralized exchange Wayki-DEX, the decentralized synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X etc. Its products cover lending, depositing, asset trading, financial derivatives and meet the needs of most users for decentralized financial services.

Throughout 2020, WaykiChain focused on building its ecosystem. In 2021, WaykiChain rolls out Super Node Election Conferences with stops in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha and other major cities in China to strengthen its consensus.

The Way of WaykiChain Technology

WaykiChain Technical Director Xinhua Chen presented the speech “The Way of WaykiChain Technology” where he elaborated on the overall framework, the underlying architecture and its features.

In May 2018, basing on the Bitcoin prototype, using the consensus mechanism of Ethereum and EOS integrated with Lua VM, WaykiChain reached 300+ TPS. In October 2019, Wayki-CDP and Wayki-DEX were released, marking the completion of the DeFi 1.0 layout. The transaction speed saw a massive increase to 3,300+ TPS. In July 2020, WaykiChain completed the DeFi 2.0 layout that introduced WASM VM, upgrades for CDP and DEX, and once again increased the speed to 4,500+ TPS.

WaykiChain has 4 layers with distinctive features of their own. At the network layer, mainly the data broadcasting and synchronization and consensus node communication happens. At the consensus layer, WaykiChain adopts DPoS + pBFT and block generation speed is 3 seconds. Final confirmation takes just 2 blocks or 6 seconds. The persistence layer mainly includes account and asset status, CDP and DEX status, contract status, and on-chain parameters. Transaction layer includes CDP, DEX, and WASM + Lua VM.

How WaykiChain Seizes Opportunities and Challenges in the Overseas Market

WaykiChain Overseas Marketing Director Tingting Wen presented the speech “How WaykiChain Seizes Opportunities and Challenges in the Overseas Market” where she introduced the history of WaykiChain’s overseas market development and its current results.

Since 2018 till now, WaykiChain has been relentlessly holding offline events all over the world, in South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam, Montenegro, UAE etc. It maintains a close contact with its users to better convey its values globally.

Last year and this year, due to the epidemic and inability to hold overseas events, WaykiChain has sticked to online blockchain summits and AMAs covering 20+ countries, including South Korea, the USA, Japan, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, Russia, and Indonesia. There are WaykiChain representatives in each of these countries. Besides, in 8 countries, there is steady cooperation with volunteers.

Harnessing their efforts, the scale of our community is 40K+ users, 10K+ being active ones. WaykiChain Twitter handle has 19.5K followers, 43K views for the main page and 188K views for tweets monthly. Next, WaykiChain will increase its efforts in the Korean and Japanese market.

WaykiChain Super Nodes: The Best Path Towards Community Autonomy

WaykiChain Community Operations Director Dongzhi Li presented the speech “WaykiChain Super Nodes: The Best Path Towards Community Autonomy”. Mr. Li presented the reasons for recruiting Super Nodes, voting rules, and rewards of the program.

Previously, aiming for higher-efficiency decision-making and development, WaykiChain had 11 nodes in custody. Currently, the infrastructure is complete and the governance stage unfolds. WaykiChain recruits 21 public Super Nodes globally to take its infrastructure to the next level, increase security and stability, get advice, and attract more developers.

According to Mr. Li, Super Nodes are the best path towards community autonomy. They are favorable for the promotion of safe and stable operation of the public-chain network and ecosystem’s wellbeing. The program will attract new user groups, expand the community scope, and broaden and strengthen WaykiChain’s global consensus!