WaykiChain Super Node Election Conference in Zhengzhou Concluded Successfully

On March 14, the second WaykiChain Super Node Election Conference in Zhengzhou concluded successfully! We once again thank all honored guests, partners, media, community users, and team members who came to the venue! We are looking forward to meeting you in the next city!

The conference attracted almost 50 community users. Each of them got an airdrop of 18,888 WGRT at the venue. Besides, four lucky participants won exclusive WaykiChain-branded 2-item gifts.

Following the conference in Guangzhou, this was the second WaykiChain Super Node Election Conference. We were honored to have famous people from the blockchain industry join us: AEX co-founder and CMO Xiao Fengxian, WaykiChain Data Analyst Han Songyou, and WaykiChain Community Manager Yan Chenggang.

Brand Reputation Power Helps AEX Go Further

At the conference, AEX co-founder and CMO Xiao Fengxian presented the speech “Brand Reputation Power Helps AEX Go Further” where Ms. Xiao provided a comprehensive introduction to the brand positioning, vision, slogan, value, development history, strategy, and various trading services of AEX.

Since the establishment till today, AEX puts customers first, follows the principle of neutrality and doing no harm, advocates safe investment and a steady value increase. The vision and ultimate goal of its development is creation of the world’s leading digital asset service platform.

Exploring WaykiChain’s Deterministic Opportunity from the Public-chain Perspective

WaykiChain Data Analyst Han Songyou presented the speech “Exploring WaykiChain’s Deterministic Opportunity from the Public-chain Perspective”. Mr. Han introduced WaykiChain’s basic ecosystem, mission, and philosophy in detail from the technical, product, and commercial application perspectives.

Mr. Han pointed out that the main WaykiChain products are positioned as a part within the self-developed public-chain DeFi system. It started with a vision of a comprehensive financial ecosystem where a closed loop between financial products such as lending, investment, trading, and derivatives is formed, thus realizing the free and rapid asset value flow.

To ensure the stability of the financial system, we adopt the new blockchain technology and a breakthrough asset architecture, DPoS consensus mechanism, WASM VM technology, and the three-token model. We pay attention to the financial-system stability and asset security to create a compatible, safe, and efficient financial platform and ensure product scalability and compatibility,

All efforts of WaykiChain have been continuously invested in consolidating the fundamentals of enterprise projects. All the projects we create truly add value to the financial market and expand the space.

We believe that, as a leading project that creates value, we have to do “the difficult but right thing”, overcome struggles with a long-term vision, continuously optimize products, expand its DeFi layout, and promote the DeFi market towards maturity.

Can Super Node Election Start the Perpetual Engine of On-chain Revenue?

WaykiChain Community Manager Yan Chenggang presented the speech “Can Super Node Election Start the Perpetual Engine of On-chain Revenue?” Mr. Yan elaborated the Super Node Election-related questions including the logic behind the program, requirements to Nodes, voting rules, and rewards.

Mr. Yan explained that previously WaykiChain Super Nodes were in custody of the team. The original setup mainly pursued more effective decision making, development, and faster completion of the infrastructure. Currently, the project has become mature and 21 Super Nodes are open to the public. This is favorable for further infrastructure consolidation and achieving higher stability, while attracting more developers and input from the community for continuous expansion of WaykiChain’s global consensus.

Super Node voting rules are as follows:

1. There is a total of 21 Super Nodes. The threshold to become one is at least 1 million votes.

2. One WICC is one vote. One vote may be cast only in favor of one Super Node candidate.

3. The WICC used in voting will be locked in the user’s wallet. Three days after the voting, a user may cancel or change its vote. When a vote is cancelled, the WICC is refunded instantly.

4. The node election cycle is one day and the node rank will update daily. If a user wants to change its vote, there is no need to cancel the vote. Users can change votes directly. The change will take effect in the next cycle. If there is no vote change, the original vote is deemed cast in favor of the original candidate.

WaykiChain Super Nodes enjoy the voting and contribution rewards. Voters supporting Super Nodes may receive rewards set by Super Nodes. The specific rewards may vary across different Super Nodes.

1. Voting rewards come from inflated WICC which is 1% of the initial supply or 2,100,000 WICC yearly. These WICC tokens are divided equally between the 21 Super Nodes.

Currently WaykiChain team has 1.8M WICC in custody to be used for subsidizing the external nodes (those not held by WaykiChain). With these tokens WaykiChain will ensure that each public Super Node gets yearly voting rewards of not less than 210,000 WICC.

2. Contribution rewards will depend on the nodes’ efforts in maintaining network stability, product development, information dissemination in China and globally, product promotion, customer conversion, active governance, and other directions.

There are 5 contribution reward levels, namely A, B, C, D, and E. They correspond with 60,000, 30,000, 20,000, 10,000, and 5,000 WICC, respectively.

We hereby thank the three honored guests for their brilliant speeches. They provided the participants with a wealth of blockchain knowledge, improved the knowledge and understanding of WaykiChain’s ecosystem and Super Node Election, and strengthened WaykiChain’s global consensus.