WaykiChain Super Node Election Series 02: 21 Global Public Super Nodes

I. Why Deploy Super Nodes?

Deployment of Super Nodes by a DPoS-run public chain is a natural requirement and a vital development step. It both achieves the inevitable decentralization and promotes new ways towards a fully developed ecosystem.

1. Guarantee of Increased Safety, Stability, and Efficiency

Traditional network systems adopt centralized management where a central system controls the operation of the whole system and severe security issues exist. When the central system stumbles, the whole system may break down. However, if an extreme event occurs in a DPoS public chain system, even if a part of Super Nodes or all of them get disconnected, just one node with the complete blockchain history needs to recover network connection to make all the data accessible again. Thus, the network can return to normal operation and the network security and stability are effectively ensured.

2. Product Development, Broader Commercial Adoption

Up till now, WaykiChain has developed the decentralized collateral lending system Wayki-X, the WUSD stablecoin, the decentralized exchange Wayki-DEX, and the decentralized synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X. WUSD is used for investment in Hong Kong innovative pre-IPOs and overseas payments through W Broker, circulates in the secondary cryptocurrency market, and participates in individual and corporate capital turnover.

3. Common Community Construction and a Broader Consensus

With the help of this election, Super Nodes who have no community of their own can establish one and Super Nodes who have a community can promote themselves more actively to attract new followers and increase the community scale.

II. Why Deploy Super Nodes This Year?

There are two main reasons for rolling out Super Node election this year: 1) WaykiChain infrastructure is relatively complete and stable, 2) three years since the launch of WICC is a good occasion.

1. The Complete Infrastructure

Originally, WaykiChain Super Nodes weren’t public and were in custody of the team. This was due to the desire to build the public chain infrastructure quickly and complete the product app transformation and development more effectively.

2. The Three-year Journey

The construction of public chain and products has completed and they can operate in a stable way. Overall, these directions are relatively mature. We think that the conditions to deploy Super Nodes have been met. Besides, WaykiChain launched in 2018 and the three-year anniversary is a good commemorative occasion. Thus, 2021 is the year of Super Node deployment.

III. Why 21 Super Nodes?

First, 21 is an odd number. This setup fits the majority rule well. Besides, following the rule “the longest chain is true”, the existence of only one longest chain can be guaranteed only when there is an odd number of nodes. This objectively prevents forking.



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