WaykiChain(WICC), the Perfect Combination of Blockchain Technology and Business Application

Blockchain technology has undoubtedly become one of the most prominent technologies, and is increasingly being valued by capital and government.

The advantage of blockchain technology is gradually recognized and acknowledged by the public. As the underlying technology, Blockchain’s decentralization and value on trust will have bright application prospect.

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But so far blockchain hasn’t been widely applied in real life. Only a few blockchain companies have launched applications, and combined those applications with business scenarios.

What’s the reason?

On the one hand, because blockchain technology itself requires a certain development process. Only with iterative evolution and optimization, blockchain can support the connection with business scenarios.

On the other hand, in those application scenarios, traditional industries also need to incorporate the technical principles and working mechanisms of blockchain, and find valuable scenarios that can be truly combined with blockchain technology. It takes time.

Finally, a very professional technology team is required to reconstruct the entire underlying technology of blockchain, hierarchically grading it according to the requirements of the business scenarios. Meanwhile the underlying technology should be strong and safe enough to meet business requirements.

WaykiChain has not only fully integrated the features and advantages of blockchain’s decentralization, irreversibility and fairness, but at the same time solved the current bottleneck of blockchain technology — combining with business applications.

Taking prediction game, trading and forex markets as entry points, WaykiChain will gradually capture the target markets worth trillions dollars. WaykiChain will help to boost the usability and practicability of the entire blockchain industry, bringing more practical and valuable experience to every users.

WaykiChain mainnet was launched on May 13th, and then DApp 1.0 version was released to test the mainnet. At present, WaykiChain mainnet is running stably, the data processing speed is over 1000tps, and DApp has been updated to 2.1 version.

WaykiChain is a project that truly combines blockchain with business applications.

WaykiChain will continue to optimize the performance of its mainnet to attract more developers to access, and gradually become a big platform. DApp is also in an update to a brand new version, adding some new ways to play to attract more users. Ultimately WaykiChain will transform from mainnet+application to platform+ecosystem, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation system.

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Website: https://www.waykichain.com/

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