WaykiChain Vietnam Meet-up was successfully held in Hanoi

Yesterday, Waykichain Global Tour Team visited the passionate city Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

WaykiChain Global Tour — Vietnam Station

The Vietnam Meet-up event was successfully ended with the help of the WaykiChain Vietnam Ambassador and local fans. The event attracted nearly 100 people who are interested in blockchain and WaykiChain to join. Lois and Andrew who are WaykiChain marketing consultants attended this event and shared the business model and technological development of WaykiChain with guests.

People are coming for the meet-up

At the begingning of the meet-up, Lois introduced the overall development of WaykiChain, including the technical development of WaykiChain and how the WaykiChain project is commercialized. At the same time, Lois also gave a speech about the world’s first three-token economy model which is developed by WaykiChain in detail. At the scene, Lois used real objects to vividly explain the operating principle of stablecoins (WUSD) to audiences, which gave audiences a deeper understanding of stablecoins (WUSD).

Meahwhile, Andrew was on hand to introduce how to obtain benefits in the blockchain, and discussed with the audience how to choose a long-term blockchain project from technology, team working style and business model. Through his speech, the audience has more awareness of the blockchain technology. It has also triggered more thinking and opinions from audiences about WaykiChain.

At the event, audiences were totally engaged in the speech and interation activities. They actively participated in the discussion and interaction. In addition, the lucky participants also received WaykiChain’s customized gifts such as Wayki Toys, Gold bars.

The audience gains a wayki toy!
The audience gains a Gold Bar!

WaykiChain Global Tour will continually visit more countries and districts. We expect more blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join us in future global meet-ups, we will also bring more surprises to WaykiChainers!

If you want to more details about Waykichain, please visit:

WaykiChain Twitter: @wayki_chain

Telegram: http://wicc.me/1

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCjudZhgPcAX74LVxi23kKvg

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