WaykiChain Weekly Report 01.07–01.13

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1. Technology Weekly Report

Application Development

1. Added Milestones, Team Culture, News, Videos, WaykiTimes, WaykiBet pages, and language filtering, sorting and other new features of the official website; Fixed paging, jpa query and other bugs; Completed parts of the format optimization.

2. Completed the announcement function development of the official website’s background management; Fixed the following bugs: paging bug, title search bug, editing content and external link missing bug, etc.

3. Modified the login and registration logic of WaykiBet V2.5; Completed the development and test of fund transfer function; Started to manage background management, exchange approval, background approval, withdrawal approval functions, etc.

4. Completed the task registration and execution of WaykiBet automatic deployment and the debugging of webui deployment; Completed the overall one-click deployment of app packaging and testing.

5. The development of the internal distribution system of token was 50% completed.

T2D2 Development

1. Confirmed the overseas promotion plan with consensus department.

2. Supported mainnet switch for exchanges and external wallets; Maintained WaykiChain nodes; Helped developers with their technical issues.

3. Preliminarily completed the construction of overseas developer community.

4. Fixed the bug for Go language version of the mobile wallet library.

5. Web wallet plug-in bounty: Lino team was picked as the developing team and the program is scheduled to be completed within 2 months.

6. The open source community provided offline signature library for web wallet, which has passed the test and verification.

Public Chain Development

1. Launched public chain bug bounty, and promoted online via Wechat and WaykiTimes.

2. Followed up with the selection of professional service providers for public chain code security review.

3. Fixed the bug of losing connecting node when initializing the download.

4. Completed the one-click release of script for the first time and updated all 11 test-chains deployed globally.

Work Plan for Next Week

1. Completed the development of WaykiBet V2.5.

2. Built a new test server to support the test of WaykiBet V2.5.

3. Continued to push the development of the project and promoted the front-end joint debugging.

4. Launched security bug bounty on Jinse, BiShiJie, 8BTCNews, CSDN, etc.

5. Developed test contract API based on the private chain.

2. Product Weekly Report

Official Website

1. Added “DApp Download” entry on the navigation bar, which is linked to the download pages of WaykiTimes and WaykiBet.

2. SEO optimization is ongoing.

Blockchain Game

1. The @ version game was 84% completed: Added the guideline page and continued to optimize the game performance.

2. Tested the economic system and the mission system, and optimized the difficulty of growth levels.

3. Collected the data of competing products and adjusted the numerical version.

4. Optimized the performance of special effects.

3. Marketing Weekly Report

Marketing Development (China)

1. Published 5 issues of WaykiChain daily news to №109 issue.

2. Regular updates on Jinse, Toutiao and other we-media platforms.

3. Regular updates on 8BTCNews, CSDN and other forums.

4. Distributed the reward for the quiz activity of WaykiChain one-year anniversary.

5. Entered the leading blockchain technology Q&A community- LianKe, to provide technical knowledge for blockchain technology enthusiasts.

Marketing Development (Global)

1. Launched “WaykiChain Project Overview Version 1.0” on the first anniversary of the project, which marks WaykiChain’s continuous exploration of overseas markets. The press release was reprinted by 159 global medias including Yahoo Finance, TheStreet, etc.

2. Released “2019 New Year Outlook of WaykiChain”, “WaykiChain CEO’s New Year Speech”, “Getting to Know WaykiBet From Our Top 10 Dapp Reviews” in the community.

3. The preparation of developer events was 40% completed, including English development documentation, developer tasks, community, etc.

4. WaykiChain CEO met with overseas partner representative from Informance; WaykiChain CTO was interviewed by Youtuber Blue Collar Crypto. Both partners expressed their high recognition for the project prospects.

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