WaykiChain Weekly Report 01.14–01.20

1. Technology Weekly Report

Application Development

1. Completed the connection and debugging between websocket push service and the server.

2. Developed perspective, academic articles, comment function, and background management system of WaykiTimes, and the overall progress is 40% completed; Token batch-distribution system is 60% developed; “Red Packet” function is 30% developed; Solved the multiple-submission problem of WaykiTimes.

3. Completed the overall process of WaykiBet automated deployment, and started to test; the overall progress was 80% completed.

4. Started to build the automated interface testing platform. Currently, there needs to create jenkins node and add jenkins job for automated interfaces call, which can complete the concatenation of the whole process.

5. The information crawling system of industry news, KOL updates, announcements and perspectives was 50% completed.

T2D2 Development

1. Started to prepare overseas developer incentive program.

2. Confirmed the product prototype with WaykiChain web plugin developer, and promoted to complete the UI design.

3. The design of overseas developer center page was 40% completed.

4. Published the Chinese and English documents of private chain construction method.

Public Chain Development

1. Fixed the problem that the synchronized nodes are easily lost during the initialized download phase of WaykiChain program.

2. Added the basic-authentication function of json-rpc remote call of WaykiChain program to enhance node security.

3. Conducted the upgrade exercise of the public chain test network and the mainnet node; Fixed the compatibility problem during the upgrade, and conducted sufficient testing for the first major upgrade.

4. Besides the deployment method by container images provided by WaykiChain Official, we newly added the method to update the public chain nodes by directly updating the executable programs this week, which can speed up the process from code update to compilation and deployment.

5. Fixed the problems encountered during scanning the blockchian on the new nodes after the old explorer and Dapp2.0 upgrading.

6. Developed the testing smart contract API (90%); Completed RPC API function and improved the corresponding developer documentation.

7. Initially completed the selection of security review supplier, and the final contract was in drafting.

Work Plan for This Week

1. To complete the development of “Like”, “Comment”, “Red Packet”, “Event Square” functions and related management background of WaykiTimes.

2. To complete the testing of WaykiBet automated deployment and optimize the overall execution process for future expansion.

3. To complete the development of the automated interface testing platform, including the public chain api, smart contracts, and the overall framework of js wallet library.

4. To complete the public chain upgrade and maintenance; To complete the debugging of web js signature database.

5. To design Dapp platform and its service architecture, and promote the deployment of Dapp platform as the service background.

2. Product Weekly Report


1. Added “Red Packet” function: Users can send WICC red packet in WaykiTimes, and share it to WeChat (30% completed).

2. Added “Opinions”, “Event Square” and “Tech Academy” sections to export KOLs’ opinions, carry out online and offline events and provide technical training documents (40% completed).

Blockchain Game

1. @Version was 80% completed and adjusted growth curves and output consumption.

2. Strengthened the system differentiation.

3. Adjusted the interactive UI to reduce operating costs.

4. Optimized game performance and experience.

3. Marketing Development


1. Published 5 issues of WaykiChain daily news to №114 issue.

2. Launched a comment & draw event on Weibo with topic “What is Peppa?”, and gained high-quality UGC.

3. Published 16 articles in we-medias including Toutiao, BiShiJie, Bikuaibao.

4. Published 32 posts in 16 forums about technical rewards and project progress; Published WaykiChain Weekly Report on Tuoluocaijing.

5. Distributed WaykiChain anniversary gift box.

6. Regular updates on 8BTCnews, CSDN and other forums, and entered two 2 new forums: Sina blog, Bilun.


1. WaykiChain CEO was invited to attend Korea “Chain Plus” blockchain summit; Prepared WaykiChain’s exhibition on the summit.

2. WaykiChain CTO disclosed technology planning on Twitter and caused discussions among overseas supporters.

3. Ooverseas developer incentive program was 50% completed, including web page design, process setting, task setting, etc,.

4. Famous Youtuber Blue Collar Crypto (Jeremy) released WaykiChain project review. In this video, Jeremy spoke highly of WaykiChain’s business model and team after visiting WaykiChain team. He agreed that currently WaykiChain is focusing on product and technology development, and WaykiBet will be a competitive DApp with its highlight feature “Everyone can be a bet-builder” and “Deliver payout via smart contract.”

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