WaykiChain Weekly Report 02.18–02.24

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Technology & Product Weekly Report

Application Development

1. The new version of WaykiTimes background wallet development was 70% completed.

2. One-click release function of digital assets: The prototype design was completed.

3. The overall development of Blockchain games was 85% completed.

4. Application Center Management: The prototype design of background was completed.

T2D2 Development

1. Provided technical support for developer community, updated and maintained both Chinese and English development docs.

2. Established Blockchain training course system and confirmed five developer training workshops. The program will be officially launched on March 17.

3. The first beta version of WaykiChain web plugin was completed.

Public Chain Development

1. Completed the iteration test of WaykiChain public chain, mainly focused on the test of smart contracts and vote/vote-canceling. (100% completed).

2. The automated test framework of public chain test API was 50% completed.

3. Identified, debugged, and completed the modification of WICC voting related issues (100% completed).

4. Analyzed and solved the problem: The results of the smart contract sha256 interface calculation are different from those calculated by the external web tool.

5. Completed the automation test and regression test of RPC interface with Jmeter; Completed the verification test of public chain upgrade.

Work Plan for Next Week

1. To complete the calculation of lock revenue and the switch function of old wallet background; To upgrade wallet nodes and blockchain-scanning service of South China area.

2. To release the public beta v1.0 of WaykiChain web plugin in developer community.

3. To publish WaykiChain’s development docs in lk.wiki, and detailed questions will be released in the community.

4. To launch the rollback monitoring program.

5. To develop the customized web API interface for the exchanges.

6. To test and fix WICC public chain related bugs.

7. To develop the automation test framework that is compatible for WaykiChain and to complete the API test case of smart contract.

Marketing Weekly Report


1. Published Task 3 & 4 of WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program.

2. Disclosed the latest updates of WaykiChain project: WaykiChain has reached cooperation with Knownsec; CTO Twitter announced 2019 technical roadmap; WaykiChain public chain upgrade; Media reports about WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program.

3. Discussed cooperation with 5 overseas medias.

4. Updated news and banner of English official website.

5. Provided translation support.

6. The English version of “WaykiChain News” was newly upgraded to “WEEKLY ROUNDUP”, which has been updated to №50 issue.


1. Published articles and updates of WaykiChain project on BiShiJie, Toutiao, Gyro Finance, Weibo and Yidian.

2. Published 5 issues of WaykiChain Daily News to №130 issue. From №131 issue, WaykiChain Daily News will change to live video.

3. Launched Lantern Festival themed riddles and sharing in WaykiChain official Weibo.

4. Launched Lantern Festival themed riddles and sharing in WaykiTimes.

5. Cooperated with lk.wiki, Linux China, Phoenix Technology, Huoxing24, BiShiJie, Jinse Finance and Gyro Finance to publish “Blockchain Preschool Knowledge” training courses. In the future WaykiChain will recruit developers and provide related training.

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