WaykiChain Weekly Report 07.23–07.29

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Weekly Technology Report

Work Completed:

WaykiChain Public Chain:

1. Completed Huobi hot wallet technology bridge, deployment and testing; technology bridge with Huobi team has moved to the next stage;

2. The public chain code can control the options for enabling RPC keepalive function, so that the deployment operations can be diversified;

3. Added Wiki help files on Github stored on the public chain to help third-party developers quickly build public chain nodes and complete interaction;

4. Coordinated with the newly online exchanges to complete mainnet migration.

WaykiChain Platform Application:

Official approval of WaykiChain Game Guessing DApp version 2.5.

Work under Planning:

WaykiChain Public Chain:

1. Start to transform C++ version of cold wallet address generation and cold transaction signature into Java version for the convenience of third parties, and prepare to open source for this project;

2. Continue to bridge technology with Huobi for mainnet migration;

3. Continue to coordinate with newly online exchanges to complete mainnet migration;

4. Fix WaykiChain defects reported by AEX.

WaykiChain Platform Application:

1. System architecture design of the guessing project;

2. Database design and overall framework construction of the guessing project;

3. Design new background of official website;

4. Design and bridge with third-party guessing data;

5. Optimize the functions of wallet.

Weekly Product Report

Work Completed:

1. WaykiChain Wallet version 2.2 launched on July 27, the updates include:

① newly-added lock revenue detail page and optimized data presenting;

② fixed the bug of data representation anomaly in abnormal odds;

③ updated the progress display in software optimization and updating.

2. Planning for WaykiChain Wallet version 2.5:

① product design and smart contract design of fixed odds guessing;

② product analysis and sorting of task module and exchange mall module;

③ product design of user management module, guessing management, advertising space management and mall management module of products background.

3. WaykiChain’s official website revision:

① plan and review information architecture of official website and UE design of PC terminal;

② UE design of mobile terminal of official websit

Work under Planning:

1. Distributing the lock revenue of July in WaykiChain Wallet.

2. Designing and planning the first batch of H5 mini-games of WaykiChain Wallet.

3. WaykiChain Wallet version 2.5:

① UE design of task module and exchange mall module

②product analysis and sorting of other modules, including user system and currency system

Website: https://www.waykichain.com/

②product analysis and sorting of other modules, including user system and currency system

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