WaykiChain Weekly Report 08.06–08.12

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Weekly Product Report

Work summary of last week

Ⅱ. Completed the related preparation work for the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games:

① Completed the data collection for Asian Games;

② Completed the design and planning for Asian Games activities.

Ⅲ. For WaykiChain Wallet Version 2.5:

① Completed the UE design for currency system and other modules.

Work plan for this week

①To complete the UE design for account system;

②To complete the overall sorting, supplementary work of data and exception-processing logic.

Ⅱ.To complete the activity version of WaykiChain Championship V.

Main functions included:

①“Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” WaykiChain version;

②To fix history bugs of the software and optimize part of product experience.

Weekly Technology Report

Work summary of last week

Ⅱ. To ensure system security and robustness, the team retrospectively reviewed and finally finalized the technical architecture design of the betting platform and the functional scope of the smart contract, as well as adjusted the technical architecture of the mobile end, in addition to that, the database design of betting background is now 60% completed;

Ⅲ.The development of the respective functions of the front and back end of the official website has been basically completed, and the technical docking work between the front and back end has begun;

IV. The coding of the C++ language wallet turning into the kotlin language has been 10% completed, and the list of interface functions of the wallet has been sorted out.

Work plan for this week

Ⅱ. To complete the design of the database core module for the betting project, start the back end coding including the preliminary design of the smart contract;

Ⅲ. To complete the Jenkins server configuration for production environment deployment and corresponding deployment scripting;

IV. To continue to carry out coding of the cold wallet from C++ to kotlin language, and also need to refer to the BitcoinJ open source wallet to achieve the goal of at least 30% completion in this week.

Website: https://www.waykichain.com/

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