WaykiChain Weekly Report 08.13–08.18

Weekly News

WaykiChain Has Achieved Long-Term Strategic Cooperation With FansTime

On August 18th, Global Blockchain Elite Forum was held in Seoul, South Korea. WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao was invited to attend the ceremony to discuss blockchain future with industry experts, technical elites, entrepreneurs and Korean government representatives. During the forum, WaykiChain signed a strategic agreement with FansTime, organizer of the forum, to achieve in-depth cooperation in product, technology, community, etc.

WaykiChain Championship V Has Officially Started

Along with the opening of Asian Games in Jakarta, WaykiChain Championship V has also started on fire. The activities are more exciting, including “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds WaykiChain version”, “Winning Steak Competition”, etc. The prize pool of “Lucky Draw” has also been upgraded with more precious gifts. Users can participate in WaykiChain Championship V in WaykiChain Wallet DApp.

WaykiChain(WICC) Newly Listed on 6 Exchanges

WaykiChain has been keeping its pace to list on exchanges every week. Last week, WaykiChain(WICC) has listed on IDAX Exchange(www.idax.mn), BSH Exchange(www.bisheng.top), Loopring Protocal Exchange(loopring.org), IBAT Exchange(www.ibatcoin.com), CPOOT Exchange(www.cpoot.com), ALLTO Exhange(www.18axw.com). By the end of last week, WaykiChain(WICC) has listed on 105 exchanges.

Weekly Product Report

Work summary of last week

① “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” WaykiChain version;

② “13 Winning Streak Competition” for guessing games;

③ Fixed history bugs and optimized part of product experience.

2. For WaykiChain Wallet DApp version 2.5:

① Completed the UE design for account system;

② Completed the overall sorting and supplementary work of data and exception-processing logic.

3. For UI design work of DApp version 2.5, adjusted page style of guessing, including:

① Visual modification on guessing homepage (multi-style)

② Guessing homepage switch (simplified version)

③ Expanded page design of event details

④ Page design of more odds options

⑤ Pop-up window design of inputting WKD

⑥ Dynamic pop-up window design of guessing stake

⑦ Visual design of guessing page

⑧ Function modification on DApp homepage

⑨ Page design of Announcement Center

Work plan for this week

① To complete part of the data structure sorting and demand planning of blockchain explorer fixed odds module;

② To continue to refine and complement the demands of modules.

2. WaykiChain nodes voting related:

① To complete the related process and specific work sorting and planning of nodes voting;

② To complete part of the data structure sorting and demand planning of blockchain explorer nodes voting part.

3. WaykiChain H5 mini-games:

① To finalize and sort out the specific gameplay of the first batch of H5 mini-games in WaykiChain Wallet;

② To plan product organization and layout optimization of WaykiChain Wallet.

Weekly Technology Report

Work summary of last week

Work plan for this week

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