WaykiChain Weekly Report 10.08–10.14

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Marketing Weekly Report

Weekly News

On October 8, Blockchain Pilot Area of Hainan Free Trade Zone was officially declared.

Thunder will no longer participate in the operation of Link Token, and transfer the power to overseas.

Binance delisted BCN, CHAT, ICN, TRIG on Oct 12.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a blockchain expert seminar aiming to further promote blockchain applications.

Shenzhen government was soliciting public opinions for blockchain technical specifications. Local governments release supportive measures in succession.

Marketing Report

On Oct 11, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao held a live chat, talking about WICC mainnet migration, product development, nodes plan, etc.

On Oct 12, WaykiChain was invited to attend ‘Shenzhen Blockchain Industry Development’ seminar held by Economic, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.

WaykiChain CTO interview “Keep Focusing on Blockchain Solutions” has been released on WaykiChain wechat official account.

WaykiChain Display Center on Huobi and WaykiChain Project Report Section on tuoluocaijing.cn have been updated.

The award distribution of National Day activities has been completed.

WaykiChain Daily News has been updated to issue №37.

Product Weekly Report

Work summary of last week

For guessing DApp V2.5:
①Completed the product testing and optimizing plan of wallet and exchange module;
②Completed part of requirements planning and export of guessing DApp domestic version.

For wallet V1.0:
①Completed UE design;
②Followed up the R&D progress.

For blockchain games:
①Teased out random numbers generation;
②Completed part of the research and framing work.

Work plan for this week

For guessing DApp V2.5:
①To complete the testing and optimization of production environment;
②Continue to follow up the R&D progress of domestic beta version;
③To complete the planning and export of functional requirements for V2.6.

For wallet V1.0:
①To test and optimize the wallet pages;
②Continue to follow up the R&D progress.

For blockchain games:
①To complete the planning and framing of lottery-related games;
②To follow up the R&D resource of random numbers generation.

Technology Weekly Report

Work summary of last week

Completed the online deployment for guessing.

Completed the Chinese and English language adaptation functions at the front and back end of guessing.

Completed basketball guessing, self-built guessing and topping up& cashing out development.

Completed the background framework construction and database design of the community APP.

Work plan for this week

Continue to improve the product requirements and fix bugs of the guessing project.

To complete the comparison of the account balance in chain and in the centralized database in guessing project.

To complete the development of the first phase for the operational background of the guessing project.

Continue to complete the online deployment of the guessing project.

To complete the background development of the background management system of the wallet V1.0.

To complete 50% development of the functions in wallet V1.0.

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