WaykiChain Weekly Report 10.15–10.21

Weekly News

1. ETH Ropsten test network has been upgraded and the block reward becomes 2 ETH.

2. According to China Business Network, Guangdong Electronics and Information Industry Association will set a blockchain special committee.

3. According to IThome, Alipay will apply blockchain technology to the public housing funds industry.

4. Huobi COO: HUSD will help users to cut down their obsession to choose stablecoins and reduce costs.

5. According to Coindesk, Ethereum’s next upgrade, Constantinople, has been delayed until the beginning of 2019.

Marketing Weekly Report


1. WaykiChain Live Chat #2 was held and CTO Richard Chen talked about the tech department.

2. WaykiChain is confirmed to co-hold “Halloween Candy” campaign with xcong.com.

3. WaykiChain will co-hold “Crypto Lucky Dog” campaign with BiShiJie.com.

4. WaykiChain DApp launched on community App Bitell and blockchain App market BeeStore.

5. WaukiChain was invited to attend “The 2nd Blockchainer Summit Korea Station” (Jan 14–18, 2019).

6. Released “Huobi WICC Mainnet Switch Announcement” and lucky draw activity on Weibo.

7. WaykiChain becomes the first and only blockchain startup who has achieved strategic cooperation with CAITEC (Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China).


1. WICC newly listed on BiteBTC Exchange.

2. WaykiChain Live Chat #2 was held and CTO Richard Chen talked about the tech department.

3. Co-held interactive activity with Bitcoin Community on SNS.

4. Created sub-section of WaykiChain on the major cryptocurrency forums.

Technology Weekly Report

Work summary of last week

1. Completed the online deployment and part of testing of guessing DApp domestic version.

2. Completed the development and testing of guessing payout.

3. Completed 50% of the back end development of background management system of community App.

4. Completed 60% of the function development of community App.

Work plan for this week

1. Continue to optimize the product requirements and fix the bugs of the guessing project.

2. To complete the comparison of on-chain balance and centralized balance of the guessing project.

3. To complete the development of first phase for the operational background of the guessing project.

4. To complete the technology launch of the guessing project.

5. To complete 100% development of background management system of community App.

6. To complete 100% development of functions of community App.

7. To complete the launch of community App.

Product Weekly Report

Work summary of last week

1. For guessing DApp V2.5:

① Completed the UI design of new functions of domestic testing version.

② Completed the deployment of production environment.

2. For wallet V1.0:

① Completed the joint debugging of front and back end data interface for news and community modules.

② Basically completed the bridges between front and back end for user module.

③ Completed most of the bridges between front and back end for wallet module.

④ Completed the joint debugging of management background and back end interface, and waited for verification.

3. For blockchain games:

① Completed product requirements documents for two blockchain games.

② Completed the product design for random number generation.

③ Communicated with tech team about development schedule.

Work plan for this week

1. For guessing DApp V2.5:

① To conduct test of main process in formal product environment.

② To complete the structure and logic planning for user and wallet modules for V2.6.

2. For wallet V1.0:

① To complete the joint debugging of wallet module, management background and DApp, and enter the testing and experience optimization phase.

3. For blockchain games:

① To complete the fidelity design of two blockchain games.

② To complete research of gameplay and user behavior on EOS and other public chains.

Highlights of the new wallet V1.0 (compared to wallet V2.0)

1. Add news module. Users can obtain breaking news of WaykiChain and crypto in a timely manner.

2. Add community module. Users can freely post, comment and reply to messages, and communicate and discuss the market with the big figures in crypto.

3. Add encyclopedia module. Users can quickly learn about WaykiChain and blockchain knowledge.

Highlights of guessing DApp V2.5

1. Everyone Can Initiate Guessing Games with Structuring Game Data

By accessing authoritative data from international third-party, DApp V2.5 can ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the game results. Users can create guessing games after referring authoritative data at any time. After the game is over, the smart contract will automatically calculate the results and carry out the payout, without manual participation in the whole process.

2. Improve Return Rate by Odds Ranking

WaykiChain DApp uses the odds ranking to show users the highest odds in one same game. The users can select the highest odds option and corresponding amount to get highest return.

3. Convenient DApp Experience

Besides fully integrating blockchain’s advantages, WaykiChain DApp also solves the current problem of blockchain: high threshold to access, complicated operations, etc. After registering DApp with mobile phone number and binding to wallet, users can easily log in and participate in the guessing games.

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