WaykiChain Weekly Report 10.29–11.04

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Marketing Weekly Report


1. Held the first stop of WaykiChain 2019 Campus Recruitment — South China University of Technology.

2. Co-hosted “Crypto Lucky Dog”, “WaykiChain Airdrop”, “Bitcoin 10 Years” activities with BiShiJie.

3. Co-hosted “Halloween Candy” activity with xcong.com, winner announcement on Nov. 5.

4. Held rewarded Q&A activity on Xueqiu.com.

5. Co-planned “Single’s Day Shopping Festival” activity with AEX, which will be launched recently.

6. Launched Single’s Day activity series — “WaykiChain Product Expert — Find Bugs”.

7. Launched Single’s Day activity series — “WaykiChain Pays Your Bill”.

8. Published announcement of WICC lock revenue of Oct.


1. Community Members: Telegram: 262,771; Twitter: 3,613; Facebook: 10,193.

2. Community activities: Successfully held WaykiChain-Halloween themed activity; “Bitcoin 10 Years” activity is ongoing.

3. Project Updates: Published articles “Where Does Blockchain Betting like EOSBet Go?” and “An Update on Our Vision, Mission and the Road Ahead”.

Product Weekly Report

Work summary of last week

For WaykiBet V2.5 (100% completed):

1. Launched the official version of WaykiBet 2.5.

2. Collected bugs of WaykiBet from community and fixed.

For WaykiTimes V1.0 (100% completed):

1. Completed the development and testing for all functions of iOS and Android.

2. Delivered the operation training of WaykiTimes back end management to operating team.

3. Worked with Consensus Department for publicity articles for WaykiTimes launch.

For Blockchain Games (35% completed):

1. Started to design and develop game back end.

2. Started to write smart contracts.

3. Started to design UI.

Work plan for this week

For WaykiBet:

1. To complete the development and launch of WaykiBet V2.5.2; To add SMS service for overseas countries and fix bugs.

For WaykiTimes V1.0:

1. To complete all preparation work for WaykiTimes launch.

2. To confirm all function requirements for WaykiTimes V2.0.

Technology Weekly Report

Work summary of last week

1. Launched the official version of WaykiBet 2.5.

2. Collected WaykiBet 2.5 bugs and fixed 80% of the bugs.

3. Completed the task of batch-airdropping test coin (WTEST).

4. Completed the development of large-value address monitoring service.

5. Completed the interface interaction and debugging of WaykiTimes and external medias.

6. Completed the interface interaction and debugging of WaykiChain wallet.

7. Completed the testing of WaykiTimes and fixed 90% bugs.

8. Confirmed the content creating and publishing tools for developer-friendly community.

9. Created the address to receive old coins for Huobi mainnet switch and confirmed the final agreement of Huobi mainnet switch.

Work plan for this week

1. To open SMS service of WaykiBet for overseas countries.

2. Continue to collect and fix bugs of WaykiBet 2.5.

3. To complete the testing, bug-fixing, and launch of WaykiTimes.

4. To start blockchain games project.

5. To complete the documents WaykiChain calling JSON RPC interface for the developer-friendly community.

6. Continue to follow up WICC mainnet switch on Huobi and other exchanges.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn.

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