WaykiChain Weekly Report 11.05–11.11

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Marketing Weekly Report


1. WaykiTimes V1.0 has been officially launched.

2. WaykiChain “Single’s Day Shopping Festival” activity has successfully concluded.

3. Opened a special column in Hecaijing.com.

4. WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao held a live chat in the community of xcong.com.

5. Co-held Single’s Day activity with BiShiJie.

6. WaykiChain was invited to attend “2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit”.


1. Community Members: Telegram: 262,771; Twitter: 3,065; Facebook: 10,193.

2. Community activities: Successfully held “Bitcoin 10 Years” sharing activity; “WaykiBet Bug Bounty” is ongoing.

3. Project Updates: Launched WaykiBet V2.5; Published advantage of WaykChain project themed article.

Technology Weekly Report

Work summary of last week

1. Opened SMS serviced for overseas countries.

2. Completed the interface development and data synchronizations on chain of WaykiTimes.

3. Optimized App data load capability.

4. Launched WaykiBet V2.5.2.

5. Launched WaykiTimes V1.0.0.

Work plan for this week

1. To develop notification function of WaykiBet.

2. To develop the management back end of WaykiBet.

Product Weekly Report

WaykiBet V2.5

1. Received 189 submissions for “WaykiChain Bug Bounty” activity.

2. Completed bug collection, analysis and optimization.

3. Analyzed the product requirements of WaykiBet updated version.

4. Completed the development, test, and launch of WaykiBet V2.5.2.

WaykiTimes V1.0

1. Launched WaykiTimes V1.0.

2. Followed up with the feedback of WaykiTimes V1.0 and completed optimization.

3. Analyzed the product requirements of new version of WaykiTimes.

Blockchain Games

1. Blockchain games are being developed.

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