WaykiChain Weekly Report 11.12–11.18

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Marketing Weekly Report

Weekly News

1. In 2018, “Single’s Day Shopping Festival” broke the transaction amount of 200 billion yuan, and the blockchain covered 150 million pieces of goods.

2. The total market value of the global digital currency market fell below $200 billion for the first time since November.

3. The mining pool BTC.COM under Bitmain announced three major measures to deal with BCH fork.

4. French Finance Minister Le Maire: The French Parliament passed the tax framework for cryptocurrency assets.

5. Wenzhou Municipal Government of Zhejiang Province: Strive to build 2–3 blockchain industrial bases by 2022.

6. Switzerland approved the first cryptocurrency ETP and it will be listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange next week.


1. Get listed on KCEx exchange.

2. Enter the Coindaily platform.

3. Enter Biche platform.

4. Entered Heicaijing platform.

5. Enter Qufen platform.

6. Complete all material preparation for the Hangzhou exhibition.

7. Continued to launch Awarded Q&A in Xueqiu community.

8. Successfully held the second stop of WaykiChain campus recruitment fair — Jilin University.


1. Community members: Telegram: 263,171; Twitter: 3,455; Facebook: 10,193.

2. Community activities: Successfully held Twitter bounty activities with a participation volume of 15,405.

3. Overseas release: WaykiChain team introduction, T2D2 program progress, and WaykiChain was invited to participate in the KCEx trading contest.

Technology Weekly Report

Work summary for last week

1. The development of WaykiBet V2.5 management background is proceeding in an orderly manner.

2. The development of blockchain mini games began: database, interface, process, front-end interface, etc.

3. The first version of the developer community portal website has been completed 50% and is enriching community content.

4. Started chain optimization, doing research to transform node synchronization mode and improve chain stability and performance.

5. Completed the open source work of Waykiwallet 2.0 and uploaded it to Github.

6. Optimized WaykiTimes based on feedback from users since it launched.

Work plan for this week

1. Complete the development of the front and back end of the blockchain mini game to meet the requirements for testing.

2. Further promote developer community development, data collection and errata work.

3. On-line system maintenance, timely response to customer feedback.

Product Weekly Report

WaykiBet V2.5

1. Screen the “Bug Bounty” questionnaire for selection and award;

2. Carry forward the repair of some bugs in the V2.5.2;

3. Collect suggestion on optimization for existing versions.

WaykiTimes V1.0

1. Continuously collect user feedback and suggestion on optimization and solved 7 bugs and accepted and optimized 11 user experiences this week;

2. Adjust the sensitive word filtering mechanism in users posting/commenting;

3. Support automatic release of news and newsletters;

4. Add a function for wallet quick transfer;

5. Prepare related software and ICP filing for WaykiTimes going online in application market, and by now WaykiTimes is available in Xiaomi application market.

Blockchain Games

1. Planning new games;

2. Advance the game’s UI and interactive work.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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