WaykiChain(WICC) and ColdLar Wallet Has Reached Strategic Cooperation

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Recently, WaykiChain and ColdLar start a strong alliance, ColdLar App wallet has supported WaykiChain coin WICC. Users can charge and withdraw WICC in Coldlar wallet now!

Besides, WaykiChain and ColdLar will also cooperate to enhance products and channels resources based on their own advantages, as well as open up the ecological loop together. The cooperation is beneficial to provide a safer and friendly blockchain ecological environment for users of WaykiChain and ColdLar.

About ColdLar

ColdLar is a technology company dedicated to the solutions for the safe storage of cryptoassets. Amid the strong commitment to the technologies for the safety of block chain, ColdLar ensures personal wallet products in multiple forms such as hardware wallet, wallet based on cellphone App, cloud-end wallet, and multi-signature wallet.

With the structure featuring the separation of cold end and hot end, hardware wallet keeps the private key off the network constantly in multiple forms of transmission via data encryption such as QR code, blue tooth and NFC. This completely eliminates the exposure to hackers, thus enabling the safe storage of many types of coded assets.

ColdLar website and wallet address: https://www.coldlar.com/download

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