WaykiChain(WICC) and Montenegro Government Reached National-Level Strategic Cooperation

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On November 4th, Zoran Djikanovic, Chairman of Capital Markets Authority(CMA) of Montenegro and Vice Chairman of the Association of Economists and Managers of Montenegro visited WaykiChain. They and WaykiChain technical team exchanged views on topics such as WaykiChain technology and stablecoin technology cooperation. WaykiChain will build technical support for blockchain of Montenegro’s Fintech.

Richard Chen, WaykiChain CTO, and Zoran Djikanovic together explores how to build blockchain system in Montenegro to promote international trade and finance. WaykiChain’s advanced technology, broad application and team reputation is the reason why Montenegro chose WaykiChain.

WaykiChain team focuses on the bottom layer R&D of blockchain technology, has broad application scenarios, technical and development experience. On the other hand, WaykiChain is the world-leading third-generation blockchain commercial public chain, which can provide blockchain advanced service facilities for Montenegro’s financial industry.

Zoran mentioned that, WaykiChain founder Wayki Sun and CEO Gordon Gao enjoy highly reputations in the industry.

It is believed that this national-level cooperation will not only provide a solid reference for the capital market industry and bigger markets for WaykiChain, but also lead a huge step forward of financial reform and prosperity of the capital market as well as the integration of financial sector and blockchain technology in Montenegro.

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