WaykiChain(WICC) is Looking for Open-Source Blockchain Developers!

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WaykiChain is a third-generation Blockchain that is based on DPoS consensus and account-model architecture with smart contract built-in. Currently WaykiChain supports moderately high transaction speed of 1000+ TPS. The core technology of WaykiChain is primarily written in C++ language.

The core dev team of WaykiChain has never stopped and will never stop developing WaykiChain core programs for continuous refinement and optimization in many technical fronts. Nevertheless, we believe just as many other popular blockchain technologies, there’s still a huge room for further optimization and enhancement in WaykiChain technology. Hence, we’d like to extend our warmest welcome to all zealous and hard-core open source community developers from around the world to join us to make WaykiChain the technology choice for enterprise and commercial applications and services.

As a technology zealot, you are welcome to watch, star and fork our Github repo (github.com/WaykiChain/WaykiChain). Meanwhile, you are also welcome to join our Telegram group (t.me/waykichaindeveng) to engage in extensive technical discussions, sharing and learning.

If you fix some bugs or add new features into WaykiChain open source programs, you can raise Pull Requests to our GitHub repo. WaykiChain core team will review and accept them accordingly when deemed as appropriate. For those substantial contributions, WaykiChain team will send out a certain amount of WICC token as a reward to the contributors. Even more, those continuous contributors may be invited to become the core dev team members and even enlisted in the supernode candidates list.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

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