WaykiChain(WICC) Lock Revenue Sharing Plan

In order to ensure the interests of WaykiChain investors, WaykiChain will officially launch “WaykiChain(WICC) Lock Revenue Sharing Plan” on July 5, 2018. WaykiChain encourages all third-party developers who develop and operate applications on WaykiChain to return a certain proportion of WICC to WaykiChain investors, in recognition of their significant contribution to WaykiChain’s development, operation, maintenance and community building. At the same time, WaykiChain investors can lock their own WICC to share revenue generated from third-party.

Plan Description:

For investors, they can lock a certain number of mainnet WICC (at least 3,000) through the lock entrance in the main wallet officially released by WaykiChain. During the lock period, this part of WICC cannot be traded, transferred, or consumed as commission fee. When the lock plan is completed, WICC will be automatically unlocked, and WICC status will become tradable. During the lock period, investors will receive WICC from the address distributing WICC lock revenue at the end of each month. The volume of each investor’s WICC lock revenue is related to his/her WICC lock volume and duration, total WICC revenue generated during the lock period, and the total WICC lock volume and duration of all investors participating in the lock plan during this period. Specific calculating formula is as follows:

WICC Lock Revenue Calculation Formula:

Each investor’s lock index = Each investor’s WICC lock volume * Time index * Volume index

Plan Rules:

2. Since WaykiChain Wallet is the mainnet wallet, investors can transfer WICC to WaykiChain Wallet through AEX exchange (supporting WICC mainnet migration).

3. WICC lock revenue will be distributed to the wallet of the investors participating in the lock plan on the last day of each calendar month. The distributing volume is the sum of daily revenue of the month during the lock period.

4. The total WICC lock revenue of this plan is generated from the third-party developers who develop and operate applications on WaykiChain. As the number of the third-party developers and applications increases, the total amount of sharing WICC revenue will also increase continuously.

5. This WaykiChain(WICC) Lock Revenue Sharing Plan is officially launched by WaykiChain Official, and WaykiChain Official reserves the right of final interpretation.


  1. Is it only the mainnet WICC that can participate in the lock plan?

A: Yes, if your WICC is not mainnet WICC, please transfer your WICC to AEX exchange for mainnet migration (automatic migration), and then transfer the mainnet WICC to WaykiChain Wallet DApp to participate in the lock plan.

2. Is there any requirement for the start date to lock WICC?

A: There is no requirement. Investors can choose to lock their WICC on any date. WICC lock revenue during the lock period is daily calculated, but only uniformly distributed at the end of each month.

3. What if the wallet of the locked WICC is lost?

A: Please do keep the private key of the wallet address carefully. If the address is lost due to loss of the private key or any other reasons, the sharing WICC revenue and the original locked WICC cannot be recovered.

4. What happens if the lock volume is less than 3000 WICC?

A: Your locked WICC will be unlocked after the lock period, but you won’t receive any WICC lock revenue.

5. If I lock my WICC twice, each time 15,000 WICC, then my final volume index is combined calculated as 1.5, or separately calculated as 1 for each lock?

A: The volume index and time index are both calculated separately according to the WICC volume of each lock. Each lock is relatively independent and will not be combined.

6. Can I trade the WICC revenue that I receive at the end of each month?

A: Yes, the sharing WICC revenue can be traded.

7. Can the locked WICC participate in nodes voting?

A: No. WICC in lock status cannot participate in nodes voting.

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