WaykiChain (WICC)-Monthly Report(August)

WaykiChain WICC
7 min readSep 1, 2020



International Market

· On August 6, the global community-driven blockchain marketplace Holdex (holdex.io) listed WaykiChain.

· On August 6, financialcontent.com and 300+ global media released “Advanced Technical DeFi Ecosystem, WaykiChain Governance Coin WGRT Got Second Listing”.

· On August 7, #WaykiChainPublicChain V3.0 Achievement series continued with #CrossChain.

· On August 9, KOL & regional ambassador Q&A “How is Money Lego Threatening Your Bacon $” was held.

· On August 9, Governance Coin WGRT group cover activity poster renewed.

· On August 10, “The Perfect Ecology of Governance Coin WGRT & WaykiChain DeFi Spiral Appreciation” graphic series published.

· On August 12, “WaykiChain Stablecoin WUSD Real-world Use Case: Vintage Boutique Hotel Alacati” released on YouTube.

· On August 12, “Do You Need Money” street interview sponsored by WaykiChain released on YouTube.

· On August 13, U.Today added price prediction for WGRT, LINK, NEST, and COMP.

· On August 13, #OKExDeFiRoundTable invited WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao for a video interview.

· On August 13, WaykiChain global partner Vincent Lionheart posted the series 7 WGRT video update.

· On August 14, OKEx CEO Jay Hao called the high gas fee of Ethereum in his Twitter and LinkedIn, and expressed that he would choose WaykiChain to build a DeFi project. He published OKEx’ comparison of the WaykiChain 3-token economic model with Ethereum and MakerDAO. WaykiChain CEO interacted and thanked him.

· On August 14, NewsBTC published “Tron’s Former Co-founder Joins DeFi WaykiChain with its Moon WGRT of ROI 500%”.

· On August 14, ACCESSWIRE published “Meet WGRT, A DeFi Token Deflationary of 10% Market Circulation Rate”.

· On August 15, Coinspeaker, Cryptopys and other media published “WaykiChain DeFi Token WGRT Rockets with ROI 800%”.

· On August 16, CoinAd added the introduction to WaykiChain’s public chain technology.

· On August 16, the first TikTok post of the WaykiChain DeFi series got 500+ likes and 100+ comments.

· On August 16, Coinreader published “What Heroes See: OKEx CEO Praises WaykiChain DeFi and Its Governance Token WGRT Design”.

· On August 16, CoinAd and 13 other media published “Public Chain Star on the DeFi Track: WaykiChain Completes Cross-chain Ahead of Ethereum. The 8 Tech Advantages of WaykiChain DeFi You Need to Know”.

· On August 17, Coinspeaker Twitter published “WaykiChain DeFi Token WGRT Rockets with ROI 800%”.

· On August 18, video highlights of the Roundtable #6 with WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao and OKEx CEO Jay Hao were published on WaykiChain Twitter.

· At 12 PM UTC on August 18, WaykiChain Turkish ambassador Vincent Lionheart joined an AMA session in the Forum Crypto MoonLight Telegram group.

· At 1 PM UTC on August 18, WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen joined the #OKExJumpstart AMA session in the OKEx official English Telegram group.

· At 11 AM UTC on August 28, WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen joined the CoinTiger + WGRT live AMA in the CoinTiger official English Telegram group.

· On August 29, Bloomberg TV and FOX News broadcasted the interview of the prominent American journalist Jane King with WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao.

National Market

· On August 4, WaykiChain entered Atopchain, the multi-dimensional PR + HR high-tech information platform. WaykiChain will release official news, videos, and other materials to establish communication channels with global high-tech experts. The account name is 维基链WICC. Welcome all to follow.

· On August 5, the media personality Blockchain William started following WaykiChain DeFi and posted the article “Domestic Public Chains Also Have DeFi: WGRT Leads the New Wave” in his Weibo, reaching 23,000+ reads.

· On August 9, MXC Exchange announced the WGRT Trading Contest with iPad and 110,000 WGRT Giveaway. Activity time: 00:00, August 10 to 24:00, August 16. The user with the largest WGRT/USDT daily trading volume can receive an iPad and top 10 users with the largest cumulative trading volume can share a 100,000 WGRT prize. Any user who trades will be deemed as an eligible participant.

· On August 10–16, MXC Exchange held the WGRT Trading Contest with iPad and 100,000 WGRT Giveaway. The user with the largest WGRT/USDT daily trading volume received an iPad and top 10 users with the largest cumulative trading volume shared a 100,000 WGRT prize.

· On August 10, WaykiTimes 3.0 iOS launched officially. Wayki-X of WaykiTimes 3.0 is in public beta testing. Any Android and iOS user who provides a mobile phone number and a verification code on the WaykiTimes 3.0 airdrop page can get 5,000 tROG and 100 tUSD test tokens for free.

· On August 10, WaykiChain officially launched WUSD/USDT instant exchange. Swift WUSD/USDT exchange at around 1:1 ratio is available to meet a wider range of users’ financial needs.

· On August 12, WaykiChain co-founder & CEO Gordon Gao attended POW’ER 2020 Blockchain Technology and Application Summit. Mr. Gao joined the discussion “Can DeFi Devour Traditional Finance in the Next 10 Years?” together with Primitive Ventures founding partner Dovey Wan, The Force Protocol co-founder Lei Yu, dForce founder Mindao Yang, head of Staking business in Huobi Pool Ding Yuan, BCA founder and CEO Bohan Sun, ARPA co-founder Felix Xu, TAIYI CEO and Crypto Guardian founder Yan Qizheng.

· On August 12, WaykiChain announced that former TRON co-founder Liu Ming joined the team and assists in the WaykiChain global public chain ecosystem construction.

· On August 14, WaykiChain co-founder & CEO Gordon Gao accepted 499BLOCK’s invitation to the discussion “The Fire of DeFi Can Set the Prairie Ablaze” together with OKEx CEO Jay Hao, Roark Group founder Sky, and TokenInsight Chief Analyst Johnson Xu.

· On August 18, the finance KOL Ajiao published a WGRT introduction video in her Weibo account “Ajiao, The Room of 10,000 Things”, called WaykiChain the brightest Chinese project, and expressed that WaykiChain DeFi solves the lack of transparency, high cost, and high entry threshold of the traditional finance.

· On August 21, AEX listed WaykiChain governance token WGRT. Deposits opened at 15:00, trading opened at 18:00 (UTC+8). On AEX, WaykiChain launched a generous giveaway with Porsche 718 Boxster, BMW G 310 R, and other valuable prizes. Event time: 18:00 on August 21 to 23:59 on August 27 (UTC+8). Please see the announcement of AEX for event details.

· On August 24, WaykiChain co-founder and CPO Xi Zhang joined the AEX live stream. He gave the speech titled “WaykiChain’s Integrated Governance Token WGRT Enables DeFi and Sets off a New Wave”

· On August 27, the trading competition to celebrate the WaykiChain governance token WGRT listing on AEX completed. A Porsche 718 Boxster, a BMW motorcycle, an Apple iPad, and other prizes were distributed the same week.

· On August 28, WaykiChain Strategic Analyst Jin Tao joined CoinTiger’s live stream and gave the speed titled “How WaykiChain Governance Token WGRT Leads the DeFi Development in China”.

· On August 28, WaykiChain DeFi total pledge exceeded 46 million tokens, 24% of the circulation supply. Locked value is over USD 11 million (CNY 70 million). The total of USD 2.6 million has been lent in WUSD stablecoin. The WUSD minted through pledging is mainly invested in Hong Kong innovative stocks via W Broker and used for cryptocurrency trading and overseas payments.

· On August 29, WaykiChain completed the BTC Cross Chain development.

· On August 31, WaykiChain started a limited 50% off WGRT sale on CoinTiger. Please contact the official support for event details.

Technology & Products

Public Chain Development

· WASM Uniswap rewritten for the dispatch/db v2 architecture (100%)

· WASM notify dispatch completed (100%)

· WASM index-table updated (100%)

· WASM index reference contract completed (100%)

· WASM state library reconstruction debugging completed (100%)

· WASM Uniswap v2 completed (100%)

· WASM CDT v2 merging completed (100%)

· WASM WaykiChain v4 merging completed (100%)

· WASM Uniswap v1 (with call) completed (100%)

· WASM call contract direct status return completed (100%)

· Public chain testing script maintenance and optimization

· Public chain technical documentation updated (submitSendMultiTx, docker one-to-many grammar) (100%)

· Public chain upgraded to v3.2 (100%)

· WaykiChain node RPC concurrency testing (100%)

· Public chain documentation for the developer community (ZH/EN) updated to v3.2.1

· pBFT realization optimized (100%)

· Regression testing after code optimization (100%)

· Status data storage optimization (50%)

Application Development

· Development of Token Swap for multiple tokens, testing and bug fixing (100%)

· Token Swap launch (100%)

· WUSD-USDT instant exchange launch and testing (100%)

· WUSD-USDT instant exchange supports QR code input of addresses (100%)

· Insufficient balance notification added in WUSD-USDT instant exchange (100%)

· Transfer and mnemonic phrase back-up logic optimized in WaykiTimes front end (100%)

· Display bug for release contract type of universal transactions fixed for accounts on the blockchain explorer (100%)

· room status added to transaction receipt on the blockchain explorer (100%)

· Fixing of the transaction details display bug for release contract type of universal transactions of all contracts on the blockchain explorer (30%)

· Transaction processing according to automatic interest settlement types added to CDP scan chain tasks (100%)

· Location and testing of issues in CDP and explorer (100%)

· Confirmed user transactions optimized in Wayki-X (100%)

· Wayki-X description page UI adjusted and multi-language images added (100%)

· Wayki-X contract test case optimization and automated testing (80%)

· Wayki-X Auction launch and maintenance

· Wayki-X services released to the production environment (100%)

· Price feed optimization

· WaykiTimes iOS 3.0.1 client released and tested in the production environment (100%)

· WaykiTimes Android 3.0.2 client released and tested in the production environment (100%)

· WaykiTimes Android released on Google Play (100%)

· Error analysis added in WaykiTimes Android (100%)

· WaykiTimes iOS released on TestFlight (100%)

· Fixed bugs in WaykiTimes iOS (100%)

· WaykiTimes iOS event tracking and crash logs submitted (100%)

· Universal transaction type display bug fixed on the blockchain explorer (100%)

· WaykiTimes UI adjusted (100%)

· Universal transaction type added to account details on the blockchain explorer (100%)

· Parameter-defined header effect added to the description page (100%)

Plan for September

Public Chain Construction

· Further optimization of status data storage

· Rewriting of WASM Uniswap for a new architecture

· Architecture development for WASM end-to-end applications

· pBFT testing

Application Development

· ROG Launch banner page in WaykiTimes web front end

· Traffic monitoring in WaykiTimes mobile clients

· Reverse exchange in Token Swap