WaykiChain(WICC) Monthly Report — December

Public Chain Development

  • WASM system optimization and self-test.
  • Contract development tool of wasm mac/ubuntu v0.1. 100%
  • Complete the development and test of two consecutive blocks functions.100%
  • Fixed the bug that ComboMoney not working in some interfaces. 100%
  • Testing and development of public chain consensus mechanism PBFT.100%
  • Refactored P2P module. 100%
  • Optimize functional logic such as fork processing.
  • Improve settlement transactions to support the process of exchanges.
  • Improve pending order transactions and support specific exchange ID.100%
  • Support the transaction and use of DEX exchange service rates.
  • Improve design and realizability of openness of pending order of DEX 70%
  • Improve design and realizability of rate of pending order of DEX. 70%
  • Complete a code dependency optimization to avoid a large number of invalid compilations, and greatly improve the compilation speed of the code. 100%
  • Realize the transaction and registration of DEX, and finished the testing. 100%
  • Realize the modified function of DEX, and finished the testing. 100%
  • Realize the special processing of compatible no. 0 exchange. 100%

Application Development

  • WaykiTimes v.2.5 launching .100%.
  • Development of Waykitime v2.2.1 .100%
  • Optimization of JavaScript SDK . 100%
  • Optimization of Kotlin SDK .100%
  • Golang SDK multi-wallet development. 90%
  • Launch new Waykichain official website. 100%
  • Development of BTC to USDT collateralization system. 100%
  • CDP mobile end launched.
  • DEX, complete background interface docking, front page and interactive logic

Monthly Plan

Public Chain development

  • Improve the stability and usability of wasm.
  • Improve the design and the realizability of openness of pending order of DEX .
  • Improve the design and the realizability of rate of pending order of DEX.
  • Optimization of the virtual machine and development kit of WASM.
  • WASM Optimization.

Application development

  • Wallet Plug-in v2.5 launched.
  • Wayki Time v2.5.1 launched.
  • BTC to USDT collateralization system launched.
  • DEX mobile end launched.
  • Improve user experience of the CDP system.

Marketing Report


  • Chung, Vietnam, Waykichain Global Ambassador, is planning the next meet up of Waykichain.
  • The Korean media reported progress and off-line meet up of Waykichain on 4th, January
  • Filming the video about how transparent the CDP system works, and used for demonstration of off-line meet up.
  • Vincent, the Turkey Global Partner of Waykichain made a cartoon of Wayki-series:WaykiChain and WGRT. First part:Investing with my Girl Friend
  • WaykiChain is jointly organizing the online blockchain summit fesitival with FinNexus, Wanchain, Loopering, Loom, Ban Protocol (Sequoia Capital) and other organizations, for resource replacement and community interaction. Lois, WaykiChain Overseas PR, will have livestream speeches in various communities.
  • Waykichain Global Tour Korea, the South Korea offline meetup will be held in Seoul on January 6.
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, 웨이키체인-WaykiChain(WICC) Korea, WaykiChain Korea Kakao group, WaykiChain Global Ambassador Recruitment group, WaykiChain Turkish Group, WaykiChain Indonesia group, WaykiChain Indian group, WaykiChain Vietnamese group, WaykiChain Brazilian group, WaykiChain Dubai group, WaykiChain UK group, WaykiChain France group, WaykiChain Germany group, WaykiChain Ukrainian group, WaykiChain Spanish Group, WaykiChain Bangladeshi Group, WaykiChain Filipino Group and WaykiChain VIP welfare group, updating project in time.


  • WaykiChain was successfully listed on Bithumb on December 3, 2019. It is a sign that WaykiChain officially entered the South Korean trading market. When WaykiChain was officially launched on Bithumb, it received a large number of transactions from South Korean investors. The opening price soared to 6 times the price on the Huobi exchange. This further promotes the development of WaykiChain in the global market and increase the global visibility of WaykiChain.
  • On December 3rd, Jiasen, the vice president of WaykiChain, was invited to be a guest on a Blockchain TV show. He discussed ‘what is the future of the public chain?’ with Qiu Han, CEO of ShangChain, from the technological innovation, business model, the development path of the alliance chain and the public chain, and the issues public chain currently faces.
  • On December 4th, WaykiChain topic debate initiated the topic ‘Who is more valueable? The protocol layer or the application layer?’ There were a total of 806 speeches and discussions in the WaykiChain Sweetie Official at the same time.
  • On December 5, the 2019 Future Business Ecolink Conference was held in Shenzhen. As an outstanding project of the third-generation blockchain commercial public chain, WaykiChain was invited to participate in the conference. WaykiChain presented the staged achievements in technology, ecology, and commercial applications to guests, and jointly discussed blockchain technology innovation and industrial integration.
  • Mars Finance, a well-known blockchain media, paid attention to the launch of the WaykiChain stablecoin WUSD, and published an article on December 13 “Why is the WUSD stablecoin worth attention? WaykiChain ‘Long, Teng, Hu, Yue’ four milestones progressive value”. The article attracted the attention of the industry, reposted by a lot of media and celebrities.
  • At 15:00 on December 19th, the WUSD-to-CNC and WUSD-to-USDT crosses are available on the AEX trading platform. It means that WUSD makes a breakthrough in the mainstream fiat transactions, and provides diversified options for more extensive commercial landing applications. Operations are available on the AEX trading platform.
  • On December 20, a financial columnist published a comprehensive analysis of Waykichain’s development in the past year. He also recognized the achievements made by Waykichain in technological innovation, business model and overseas consensus
  • On December 24, Frena and Wendy talking the advantage of WUSD in live broadcast, simultaneously celebrate the Christmas Eve with many users among our community, and deliver 30 “pork gift”. The amount of live interaction made the record — 835 comments and about 6000 people were watching.
  • On December 25th, Waykichain Sweetie community launched a new year festival bonus event: 1 WUSD exchange 1 pound fresh pork, about 1000 fresh pork ready to be exchanged. The deadlinefor the exchange is January 1st. (The pork is ranked at the top in online shopping platforms like Jingdong Mall and Tmall.
  • On December 25th, WaykiChain and Hellotoken Wallet co-curated the community debate event with Christmas special topic “Can Bitcoin Be Replaced?”. Two heavyweights are invited to the debate event:CEO Gordan GAO and Cai Shu. 500 people inside the community interacted in debate event, about 1000 people outside the community watched it. The quality, the number of comments and the page view all made the history.
  • On December 27, Waykichain and Biben reached a strategic cooperation. Now the coinobo platform has been launched, and they will carry out more industry cooperation in the future.
  • On December 28, Waykichain and chain nodes reached the first strategic cooperation, which will rely on the advantages of both sides to win the future of this industry
  • The Overseas marketing department of Waykichain finished several events in Vietnam, Dubai, the Republic of Montenegro and Turkey.The overseas expansion and cooperation made good progress and achieved outstanding results, which attracted high attention from the domestic media, with more than 70 Fin-tech media interpreting and reporting on it.