WaykiChain(WICC)-Monthly Report(July)


International Market

· WaykiChain Ambassador Recruitment: On July 3, Son Pharm became WaykiChain Ambassador in Vietnam. Son Pharm is the co-founder of VNBA (Vietnam Blockchain Alliance).

· Twitter series: On July 6, “Do you know the physical use of WUSD?” voting started

· On July 14, “What do you think the next #WaykiChain WUSD LANDING APPLICATION will be?” voting started

· On July 24, #WaykiChainPublicChainUpgrade Achievement series continued

· On July 31, “Let WaykiChain WGRT lead you to your wealth power!” tweet had 200+ interactions

· Medium: On July 8, WaykiChain CEO: DeFi to Break Loose BTC From the King was published

· On July 20, WaykiChain Official Announcement on Public Chain Upgrade was published

· On July 28, WaykiChain Announcement on Wayki-X Public Testing was published

· Implementation: On July 8, WaykiChain established a strategic partnership with the Turkish construction company Atlas Mimarlik (https://en.atlasmimarlik.com/) to further widen the concept of blockchain application. The introduction of WaykiChain stablecoin WUSD to W Broker and Avione Jet are among other implemented cases.

· On July 15, WaykiChain established a strategic partnership with the global hotel chain Vintage Boutique Hotel Alacati (https://www.vintagealacati.com/en-gb/home). This is a new implemented case for WUSD.

· Website: On July 10, WaykiChain’s strategic partner W Broker launched an English website (https://www.wbroker.com/)

· YouTube: On July 27, Public Chain 3.0: Tiger upgrade video released

· Media: On July 23, FINANCIALCAPITAL released “WaykiChain DeFi Total Collateral Exceeds 41M, Breaking Loose of Ethereum from King”

· On July 23, 200+ famous global media reposted “WaykiChain DeFi Total Collateral Exceeds 41M”

· On July 31, coinspeaker and other blockchain media released “WaykiChain WGRT, More Than Just Governance Coin”

National Market

· WaykiChain sponsored the brand upgrade program of GXChain Block City wallet. WaykiChain logo was shown throughout the event. As a long-term partner, WaykiChain will use the vast traffic pool of Block City to attract more participants to the construction of DeFi ecology.

· CCTV’s Dream Chasing Era column interviewed Gordon Gao, CEO of WaykiChain, about the company’s outlook and blockchain industry. The interview was published in Witness | Brand magazine.

· On July 6, WaykiChain was invited to Genesis Night stream with Bit Waves. WaykiChain had stream coverage and gave away branded gifts.

· On July 7, WaykiCDP and WaykiDEX were listed in DappReview’s DeFi rating. WaykiChain will continue to explore and innovate in DeFi and to provide users with broader and better DeFi services.

· On July 9, WaykiChain news video (Chinese subtitles) was released on WaykiChain Weibo and Douyin accounts.

· On July 10, WaykiChain supported AEX 7th anniversary. WaikyChain expressed its sincere wishes and gave away lost of WICC red envelopes.

· On July 12, WaykiChain released 7 features of the Public Chain 3.0 upgrade. WaykiChain era changed from Fly to Tiger.

· On July 13, WaykiChain co-founder & CTO Richard Chen was invited to join the Blockchain Knowledge Sharing live broadcast hosted by SZBA (ShenZhen information service Blockchain Association). Richard Chen introduced the meaning, characteristics, network architecture and accounting model of blockchain and stated “blockchain must belong to the future, and the future has come”.

· On July 14, Shenzhen Blockchain Association (SZBA, a non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by blockchain industry enterprises) appointed WaykiChain as the Vice President Unit. In the future, the partners will continue to explore and promote blockchain.

· On July 16, the super node of WaykiChain public mainnet was successfully upgraded to v3.0.

Technology & Products

Public Chain Development

· WASM Uniswap v2 coding completed (100%)

· WASM Action automatic distribution architecture completed (100%)

· WASM contract operation state tracking architecture optimized (100%)

· WASM contract machine instruction architecture debugging (50%)

· WASM contract tracking data storage performance optimization (100%)

· WASM contract TPS performance testing (80%)

· WASM contract A gets the state of contract B (100%)

· Optimization of block index RAM usage (100%)

· Analysis and fixing of program RAM leak (100%)

· Analysis of coind RAM overuse (100%)

· CDP automatic interest settlement verification after mainnet launch (100%)

· WASM Uniswap v1 (with call) completed (100%)

· Cold wallet documentation (Kotlin, Go, JavaScript, Python) completed

· Added manuals for UTXO basic operations, information and password lock

· Mainnet upgraded to v3.0 (100%)

· Added Kotlin interface documentation for cold wallet in Chinese (100%)

· Optimized Linux node compilation, the node uses ./coind interface (100%)

· Input and output of all JSON_RPC API except Lua interface changed to v3.0 (100%)

· Coordination of node configuration, private chain, interface, etc. documentation in Chinese and English (100%)

· Verification of fixed bugs and regression testing on testnet (100%)

· Testnet upgraded to the latest version (100%)

· Public Chain documentation for community (ZH/EN) updated to v3.0

· Verification of fixed bugs on the Private Chain (100%)

· R&D Chain DEX stress-testing and matching verification (100%)

· Format verification after proposal to change DIA (100%)

· Wayki-X price feeding performance testing (100%)

· WASM contract transaction execution performance optimized (100%)

· Friction fee calculation for DEX settlement transactions modified (100%)

Application Construction

· WaykiTimes 3.0 Android released (100%)

· WaykiTimes Android native UI fine tuning and bug fixing (98%)

· WaykiTimes 3.0 Android production environment test verification (100%)

· Testnet test case execution in WaykiTimes 3.0 (100%)

· WaykiTimes News web end display issue fixed (100%)

· WaykiTimes user transaction list interface developed (100%)

· WaykiTimes Android native bug fixing (98%)

· Wayki-X Trading pre-release bugs fixed (100%)

· Wayki-X public beta released (100%)

· Wayki-X public beta online issues fixed

· Wayki-X Trading event tracking completed (100%)

· Wayki-X Trading UI adjustment (100%)

· Wayki-X deployment on Testnet

· Wayki-X testing, fixing of native and front-end bugs, performance upgrading and UI fine tuning (100%)

· Pull-to-refresh functionality added on the Wayki-X Trading page (100%)

· Collateral asset and stablecoin settings added to Wayki-X contract (100%)

· Wayki-X localization (100%)

· Wayki-X HTML5 native page transition (100%)

· Wayki-X back end error code sorting and localization (100%)

· Wayki-X transaction confirmation process optimization and transaction detail acquisition (100%)

· Wayki-X back end adaptation to coin switch in public beta (100%)

· Wayki-X Guide page developed (100%)

· Wayki-X reward collection page improvement (90%)

· Address balance display issue fixed on blockchain explorer (100%)

· Website header issue fixed (100%)

· Multi-language introduction to W Broker added on the official website (100%)

· Front-end issues fixed on blockchain explorer (100%)

· Blockchain explorer account display error fixed (100%)

· Synthetic asset page migrated from WaykiTimes web to Wayki-X (100%)

· Airdrop page UI creation, API docking and localization (95%)

· Collateral end localization (100%)

· Collateral end bugs fixed, new pageflow logic docked (90%)

· CDP, DEX, BAAS and blockchain explorer supporting mainnet v3.0 launched (100%)

· Ecosystem CDP, DEX, and blockchain explorer testing after mainnet launch (100%)

· Transaction data added for UNIVERSAL_TX in WaykiTimes Wallet

· Introduction to W Broker added on the official website (100%)

· Automatic interest settlement added for transaction types on blockchain explorer (100%)

· Friction fee calculation tested for DEX settlement transactions (100%)

· Price feed bug fixing (90%)

· US stock price feed data confirmed (100%)

Monthly Plan

Public Chain Development

· WASM Uniswap v2 debugging

· WASM Notify auto-distribution

· Further optimization of public chain programs

Application Development

· WaykiTimes Android will be upgraded according to user feedback

· WaykiTimes UI will be adjusted

· WaykiTimes 3.0 iOS will be tested

· Wayki-X project production update will be released

· Wayki-X-related testing

· Wayki-X Auction online debugging, testing, and fixing of back-end bugs

· WUSD deposit manual will be added to W Broker on the official website

· CDP troubleshooting

· Test cases of Auction operations will be written and tested




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