WaykiChain (WICC) — Monthly Report (June)

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Marketing & Monthly Report

Marketing Progress (overseas)

At 20:00 on June 6th,Vice President of Waykichain & Overseas Marketing Head Lois White was invited to attend an AMA with VNBA Group, more than 1000 members participated in the AMA in the evening, she also explained to Vietnamese fans the WGRT appreciation logic of the governance currency of OKEx, the collateral lending platform of The WaykiChain, the DeFi mechanism of the WaykiChain and the ecosystem planning.

At 21:00 on June 10th, Lois White, Vice President of Waykichain & Overseas Marketing head, attended the AMA of OKEx, a global digital currency exchange, in Vietnam Telegram Community (11,602 members), with 500+ members participating in the AMA.

At 18:00 on June 11, Co-founder and CEO of Waykichain Gordon Gao attended the AMA of OKEx (12,708 members), with more than 600 members participated. Gordon Gao shared his views on DeFi, the mode of WGRT governance coin, investment advantages and future planning of Waykichain

From 23:00 to 24:00, June 12th, Lois White, vice President and overseas marketing head of Waykichain attended the AMA of the Japanese telegram community of AFIQ.

Global partner Vincent and Lois White, vice President and overseas marketing head of Waykichain, were invited to participate in an AMA in the digital currency trading platform “Respect Trade” at 2:00 on June 16th.

At 22:00 on June 17th, Lois White, vice President of Waykichain & Overseas Marketing Head, and Vincent, global partner, were invited to attend the AMA by “Nhom VBC” (a total of 6102 community members), a famous blockchain telegram community in Vietnam.

KOL& media & forum: June 3 solstice on June 7, well-known blockchain KOL @thecryptomist, @imshillgates, @cryptobluff, @blockandchain @boxmining, and @coincrunchin respectively tweeted the news that WaykiChain (WGRT) IEO was launched on OKEx, and quoted WGRT as the only deflationary token in the whole network. The interactive volume of “like”, “comment” and “retweet” is as high as 1200+.

Twitter: On June 3, WaykiChain official Twitter launched the WGRT airdrop campaign to change the governance coin logo as profile pic with 24 hours to participate. The participation reaches 120+, and the number of interaction achieves 400+.

On June 8, OKEx tweeted about the details of WGRT IEO, which has been shared by more than 100 users and forwarded by the official Wikipedia link.

OKEx’s official Twitter continues to launch a “countdown to the launch of WGRT”, which is officially retweeted by the WaykiChain.

On June 15th to 17th, digital journal, finanznachrichten, newsbreak, birminghamnews, the US news, stlouisstar, 19 world-famous blockchain/financial media releases “WaykiChain WGRT Launched IEO on OKEx on June 17”, congratulations to the governance coin WGRT listed on top one Exchange OKEx.

On June 17th, Waykichain published two articles on the well-known blockchain media russiablockchainnews, worldcryptotimes, kryptowings, and rolebitcoin: 1 WaykiChain CEO: DeFi to Break Loose BTC From the King; 2. WaykiChain DeFi: The Disruption or Rescue of Traditional Finance.

On June 17, OKEx’s official Twitter interacted with Waykichain official twitter: congratulating the opening price of WGRT IEO, the governance coin of \Waykichain, increased by 2.3 times, and the number of interactions on the Twitter reached more than 100. On the same day, WaykiChain interacted with OKEx: Congratulations on the success of WGRT IEO.

On June 17th, Waykichain launched on the Gain Associate platform and was rated as the top 5 projects with the best Increase in June, and the detailed data of the increase was displayed.

Medium: The official Medium of Waykichain published “WaykiChain 3-token economy in-depth interpretation, Governance coin WGRT: Security lock or Booster”.

On June 16, WaykiChain official medium published the article: How does WaykiChain Compete with Ethereum? Articles synchronized with SMN community channels such as Telegram, Twitter and other links, and received unanimous praise from community members.

Reddit: Integration of all AMA events and Waykichain team speeches.

CEO express integrates and classifies AMA content (industry insight, corporate vision, project advantages, project benefits, team and technology leadership, etc.).

Youtube: The official Youtube channel of Waykichain releases Wayki-News Episode 6, which updates the progress of each project of the Waykichain from May to June in all aspects.

Community: a translated version of WGRT whitepaper (Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, French) and WGRT knowledge (the official website has updated governance coin whitepaper).

“Governance coin KOL external group manager” community, “WGRT to the moon”, “WGRT holders” community has been formally established. Among them, each KOL group manager reached 50BTC of single group trading volume. Son has an excellent performance and has been nominated as ambassador.

Simultaneous operation of Waykichain in 20+ countries, 15+ languages, 48 communities, 50000+ group members and twitter, TikTok, forums, etc. Focus on Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean communities.

● The CEO of Waykichain was invited by CNBC television channel to participate in the discussion of current hot financial topics. The program will be broadcast in the middle of next month. (CNBC, the consumer News and Business channel, runs Fast Money, a 30-minute series sponsored by Nasdaq Trading center in New York, on Mondays through Thursdays at 5 pm ET, an hour after the close of trading in New York Stock Exchange.)

Fans in European countries and some other parts of The WaykiChain said they could not trade; The results of the community poll showed that users most expect the most necessary exchange is money and security, strongly request the landing of WaykiChain on Binance; The global partners messaged Zhao and has been on the first line of exchanges to Zhao Changpeng to show the advantages of the WaykiChain.

Marketing progress (China)

On June 2, Waykichain pushed “Governance coin WGRT helps DeFi of WaykiChain like MakerDAO helps Ethereum”. The article elaborated three questions: what is WGRT, what’s the advantages of WGRT compared with MakerDAO governance coin MKR, and how WGRT benefits from DeFi ecosystem of WaykiChain

On June 3rd, OKEx announced that WGRT will be available on OKEx Jumpstart at 12:00 on June 17th, and detailed the welfare round selling time and booking rules of OKTraders.

From June 3 to June 17, Waykichain launched a campaign to give a lucky user a gold bar every day. The total number of participants has reached 18,232, which has aroused widespread influence in the community

On June 4, Gordon Gao, co-founder and CEO of Waykichain was invited to attend the Mars Finance Editor’s moment with the theme of “How WGRT improves the public ecosystem of Waykichain in the DeFi Era”. In a conversation with Mars Finance editor chief, Gordon discussed the advantages of WGRT and DeFi over traditional finance.

On June 5th, Gordon Gao co-founder and CEO of WGRT was invited by Bishijie to carry out a deep interpretation of the economic Model of “Three Links of Waykichain” in his community. Is WGRT governance currency a security lock or a booster? Q&A activities. Gordon believes that the security issues of DeFi are very important, and Waykichain DeFi maximizes its security from the economic model and technology. In addition, Gordon also responded to WGRT card allocation, listing, and other issues.

On June 8th, Gordon, co-founder, and CEO of Waykichain visited AEX and Shared how governance coin WGRT benefits from DeFi in multiple ways. And give away a pure gold bar. The live broadcast was synchronized with 10 media, covering about 50,000 people in 120 communities, and was broadcast in 6 communities in real-time, which received positive responses from community users.

● On June 10th, Gordon Gao, co-founder, and CEO of Waykichain, was invited to attend the online live named “Staking Star: talk to leaders” with the topic “How does DeFi Disrupt Traditional Finance?” Share for the theme, and send a value of about 1000 RMB of pure gold bars. This live broadcast is synchronized with 20 media, covering 14 communities of about 7,000 people, causing widespread concern among users.

● On June 11, a well-known blockchain blogger “Blockchain William” published an interpretation article of WGRT on his personal Weibo account: “WGRT: The Powerful Support behind the DeFi ecosystem of Waykichain”, which has been read by over 34,000 users, attracting extensive attention and discussion on WGRT.

● On June 12th, CPO Zhang Xi, co-founder of Waykichain, was invited to attend the ZT Global online summit “The Power of DeFi behind The Star” and shared the keynote speech “Understanding DeFi and The Three Hard Wounds of DeFi Project on Ethereum” as the concluding guest. ZT Global subsequent release of the “star” after the wave of Ⅳ DeFi power star guest of the chain”, inspire many big platform users to pay attention to WayiChain DeFi , and caused a discussion in community users.

● On June 12, Gordon Gao, co-founder and CEO of Waykichain, appeared on the Planet Daily’s live webcast [Chaohua community] to share the theme “Breaking the DEVELOPMENT bottleneck of DeFi — Why does Waykichain compete with Ethereum?” And sent out a pure gold bar with the worth of 100 RMB. The live broadcast is synchronized in Planet Daily and Beep BiPu TV, covered about 25,000 people in nearly 50 communities, and publicized in 7 media simultaneously, causing heated discussion among the community.

● On June 13, Jing Tao, strategic analyst of Waykichain, attended the bull Market Financial online live program [Bull Market Sharing Course] and Shared the theme “The negotiator, MKR’s strongest rival WGRT”, and presented a pure gold bar worth about 1000 yuan. The live broadcast is synchronized with 38 media publicity, covering 30 communities, covering about 15,000 people, causing widespread concern among community users. The AMA was republished by major media in the industry, and the number of views on WaykiChain’s official Weibo account exceeded 140,000.

● Bying Wallet has reached a cooperation with WaykiChain, participated in AMA live and online live activities in OKEx series of activities launched on WGRT, and dropped WICC benefits on site.

● On June 15, CPO Xi Zhang, co-founder of Waykichain, was invited to attend Value100 and joined a Q&A with the community. Subsequently, Tuoluo finance published “DeFi Governance Coin that cannot be Ignored — WGRT” on its website and Weibo, which attracted the attention of the industry and aroused users’ awareness and interest in WGRT.

● On June 16th, Waykichain governance coin WGRT online meeting opened with the theme of DeFi Ecosystem witness Financial Change. This meeting is honored to invite several heavyweight guests in the industry: Bitera founder Huang Tianwei, Coin World founder Tan Chenhui, Founding partner Sun Zeyu, Co-founder and CEO Of Bying Wallet Liao Wei, Co-founder and CEO of Waykichain Gao Hang, and Vice President of Waykichain Lu Rui. During the live broadcast, Waykichain sent 30 pure gold bars, Huawei Honor Bracelet, peripheral gifts, WICC airdrops, and other benefits. 89,000 people watched the live broadcast, which can now be replayed on the official Waykichain WICC live account.

● On June 17, Waykichain governance coin WGRT launched OKEx. During the subscription period, WGRT shares set a record for OKEx in the year, with the subscription exceeding 100 times! A total of 384,673,124,42WGRt was sold for $0.003. The opening price was as high as $0.007, or 2.3 times the winning bid ($0.003).

● On June 17, the official Weibo of Waykichain released the content related to WGRT listing on OKEx, which has been read more than 10,000 times. At the same time, OKEx’s official Weibo simultaneously released the official announcement of WGRT’s launch on OKEx platform, the total amount of subscription, and the online increase, which attracted wide attention in the industry.

● This month, in the WGRT articles event launched by WaykiChain, we have received in-depth articles from community users. At present, we have successively published high-quality articles for WGRT on WeChat public account and various media platforms. Among them, the article “fans call for articles | WaykiChain governance coin WGRT has how much investment value?” recognized widely by the community, and circulated in the community.

Technology & Product Monthly Report

Public Chain Development

Located and solved memory leaks associated with the WASM contract (100%)

Analysis of WASM contract transaction execution performance issues (100%)

Tested Research and development chain in large-scale scenario (100%)

Tested the testnet V3.0 (95%)

Solved the program crash problems caused by exception to the contract RPC interface (100%)

Modified feed parameters format(100%)

Supported querying and returning structured data through contract code (100%)

Supported the querying and returning structured data through contract code (100%)

Fixed the program exits problems caused by trade deserialization error (100%)

Solved the testnet data unsync problem (100%)

Tested public chain 3.0 Cross-chain governance (100%)

Tested public chain 3.0 UIA Asset (100%)

Modified the RPC for fetching contract data to support fetching data by prefix (100%)

Completed the maximum amount limit for cross-chain proposals (100%)

Solved the problem that same transaction can be packaged into multiple blocks (100%)

Launched Public chain V3.0 testnet (100%)

Tested Public chain decentralized Governance(100%)

Application Development

Fixed Wayki-X bugs (Details of destruction, mortgage, redemption, casting and transaction)(60%)

Tested Wayki-X additional Award and fixed bugs (100%)

Completed Wayki-X back-end docking and front-end joint debugging (95%)

Optimized Wayki-X back-end codes (80%)

Pushed Wayki-X Communication Protocol on Market Page(100%)

Completed Wayki-X front-end debugging of the transaction module(100%)

Solved Wayki-X incorrect amount of award problems (100%)

Fixed Wayki-X Trading Page dialog bugs(100%)

Solved Wayki-X querying user debt without error return value problems (100%)

Solved Wayki-X new users can receive rewards in the previous cycle (100%)

Fixed Wayki-X mortgage, casting, destroy, redemption, data accuracy bugs (100%)

Completed Wayki-X mortgage front and back end coordination, mortgage, casting, destroy, redemption, award, etc. adjustment and measurement (100%)

Completed DEX links to search (100%)

Completed the development of Browser WGRT display (100%)

Realized Echart horizontal axis display price (100%)

Updated flash interface (100%)

Completed Auction side UI coding (100%)

Fixed feeding price data (100%)

Fixed feed price service and WayKi-X market bugs (100%)

Completed currency sorting (100%)

Completed Debugging of Android native asset page interface in Wayki Times (100%)

Tested WaykiTimes V3.0 and tracked bugs (25%)

Monthly Plan

Public Chain development

Optimize the execution of WASM contract trading

Update Wayki-X contract trading testing

Complete the public chain and regression testing

The public mainet upgraded to V3.0 Tiger version

Application development

Complete Auction end and end joint docking

Fixes Wayki-x test feedback bugs

Wayki-X contract testnet deployment and testing

WaykiTimes V3.0 Android English and Chinese adaptation and bug fix

WaykiTimes V3.0 testing and bug tracking

Application layer DEX submits orders with matching stress tests

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