WaykiChain (WICC)-Monthly Report (May)

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Marketing & Monthly Report

Marketing Report(Overseas)

  • Summit: On May 19, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao was invited to attend the Asia Crypto Summit Japan Stop and delivered a keynote speech-What DeFi Should Be? The summit was attended by more than 5000+ investors and industry participants, and 3200 people watched the CEO speech.
  • KOL&Media&forum: From May 22 to 27, Evan Ezquer, Julie, Elina Watson, Shahrukh and other popular global blockchain KOLs posted on well-known blockchain media such as AsiaCryptoToday, BTCHunts, BTCHeights, Coindict, CryptoChainWire: “WGRT Guide: WaykiChain (WICC) Governance Right Treasure”, “WGRT China’s New Fave Coin Will Potentially Launch an IEO”, “WGRT WaykiChain Governance Coin to Be Listed in 10 Days?”,”WaykiChain Guide”, self-media blog” WaykiChain New Governance Coin WGRT IEO — Rumor “.
  • Article and video promotion: The Wayki Super Champion Contest was successfully concluded, and the winners have been announced: 9 “Wiki Super Star”, 5 “Wiki Wisdom Star”, and 1 “Wiki Popularity Star”. The articles and videos (currency price, ecosystem, technical analysis) are published on Medium, Youtube, Twitter, and other platforms. The number of works viewed is up to 3000+, and the interaction of comments is 150+.
  • Ambassador: WaykiChain Turkish Ambassador Vincent released two short videos of WaykiChain Governance Coin Introduction on YouTube: “WGRT, WaykiChain Governance Coin Introduction” and “WGRT Animation Video”. The video content is high-quality, clear, and easy to understand, further enhancing the awareness of WaykiChain’s overseas community on the governance currency WGRT. The views are up to 2000+, and the community raised discussion enthusiastically.
  • Community: The popularity of WaykiChain’s overseas telegraph community continued to rise. This month, the official groups of WaykiChain’s telegram have reached 1500+ daily activities. The active members of the community grew by 3000+, and two volunteers built their own governance coin community.
  • Official website: WaykiChain official website launched WGRT whitepaper. (English version).
  • Twitter: A.WaykiChain community manager teaches you how to snap up IEO? B.“RedPowerWGRT-governance coin logo” has reached 1.7k comments, 1.7k retweets, and 1.8k+likes. C.WGRT counting down raised high attention in the community.
  • Youtube: WaykiChain official Youtube released a series of videos: AAA: Ask Anglo Anything (Wikipedia 3A Q & A) in the first episode. Community manager Anglo Yan expounds WGRT knowledge for community users and answers users’ questions about WaykiChain.
  • WaykiChain official Youtube released a series of stablecoin videos: “What is WUSD and how to get it?”, “How does StableCoin system operate stably?” (Part1 + part2), “How is the market prospect WUSD?”, “What is Governance coin WUSD “. The video content of the stablecoin series is vivid, concise, and easy to understand, which deepens the understanding of new and old users overseas on the WaykiChain stablecoin system.
  • WaykiNews: WaykiNews finished its sixth shooting, and the video will be released in all channels all over the world at the beginning of June, please stay tuned.
  • SMN operation: Telegram community daily publishes translated versions of WGRT whitepaper for various countries (Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, French). Simultaneous operations: WaykiChain Russia Group, WaykiChain Korea Group, WaykiChain Turkey Group, etc. 20+ countries, 15+ languages, a total of 48 communities, 50000+ group members, and Twitter of this country Forum; synchronize the latest developments of the project, DeFi data, and project knowledge.

Marketing Report(China)

  • The “Wayki baby Creative Shooting Contest” conducted by WaykiChain has harvested a large number of creative pictures and videos from users. A total of 134 users participated in the contest, with a total of 50+ works, a total of 2000+ likes, and 230+ votes. A group of creative community users, Wayki baby’s lively and lovely image, deeply rooted in the hearts of the community users;
  • WaykiChain released the world’s first DeFi explosion insurance, following the guidelines of higher WICC prices and lower premiums to bring collateral protection for users;
  • WaykiChain’s stablecoin WUSD animation class has been launched and has been synchronized with the official WaykiChain TikTok account, iQiyi, Tencent, and other video platforms. Through simple and interesting videos to spread knowledge about stablecoins;
  • The live-streaming section of WaykiChain’s “DeFi Q & A” has entered its eleventh episode, and the live broadcast content has expanded from the DeFi field to the entire WaykiChain ecosystem. Within this month, around the theme of Defi explosion risk, to solve user doubts; and extended to WGRT stablecoin related content, live broadcast focus on user concerns, solve user problems. The total live viewership reached 2W +. WaykiChain will continue to present more exciting content in the livestream. Users are welcome to watch the livestream and participate in interactive questions. The gifts around WaykiChain are continuously sent during the live broadcast;
  • WaykiChain participated in online activities of exchanges such as Gate.io and Lbank, and synchronizes with Weibo for publicity. Combine industry strength, increase industry influence, and increase brand awareness;
  • WaykiChain invited and interviewed the founder of Dream Community: Mr.Dream. During the interview, Mr.Dream talked about the views of WaykiChain DeFi. He believes that WaykiChain has three major advantages in DeFi’s development prospects. One is high public chain performance, and the other is a reliable team. Third, WaykiChain itself has a large number of users. And also put forward suggestions on the development of WaykiChain DeFi. Article details can be read and viewed in today’s headline account- “WaykiChain WICC”;
  • On May 20th, WaykiChain launched the #Wayki “Love”, waiting for you to confess# activities. Combine with the current hot festivals to listen to the voices of users. Through the event, we received many users’ “true confession” of WaykiChain. The activities increased the vitality of the community, enhanced the relationship between users and WaykiChain, and promoted the diversified development of the community;
  • WaykiChain governance coin WGRT has launched a new logo, using the bright red G to create a super symbol. The text is designed with sans serif typeface, which is concise, powerful, and modern. The color matching comes from the classic red and black, high saturation and bright red bring more imagination. LOGO details can be read and viewed in the WeChat public account- “WaykiChain team”;
  • WaykiChain launched the “Call for WGRT Slogans and Articles Campaign”. WGRT, as a crucial “regulator” in WaykiChain’s three-token economy, has become the object of close attention by users. The solicitation activity has received enthusiastic responses from the community, and 80+ unique slogan contents have been collected. The event is still ongoing, and friends who want to participate can contact the official customer service of WaykiChain.

Public Chain Development

  • Fixed serialization error of WASM contract deployment. (100%)
  • Fixed the error of calculating the median price of multi-currency feed prices. (100%)
  • Fixed the error of insufficient account balance. (100%)
  • Removed the cost of updating assets. (100%)
  • Improved the functions of the Bank system contract, including issuing assets, coining, destroying coins, and updating assets. (100%)
  • Solved the problem that CDP of multiple currencies can’t be liquidated by the system. (100%)
  • Improved CDP interest and penalty receipt processing. (100%)
  • Solved the error of settlement transaction processing order opening mode. (100%)
  • Finished WASM Wayki-X contract issuance / additional issuance. (100%)
  • Finished WASM Wayki-X xUSD / XT system issuance. (100%)
  • Finished WASM Wayki-X custom delay trading. (100%)
  • Completed confirmation and development of WASM Wayki-X contract requirements. (60%)
  • Ran public chain V3.0 multi-currency collateral test. (90%)
  • Removed the cost test of updating assets. (100%)
  • Ran WASM Bank system contract issue/mint/burn/transfer test. (100%)

Application Construction

  • Developed Wayki-X feed price service. (70%)
  • Docked Wayki-X contract interface. (50%)
  • Developed Wayki-X frontend. (40%)
  • Completed Wayki-X background service development. (40%)
  • Completed Wayki-X feed price data source (OKex, Huobi, Binance) development and data confirmation. (80%)
  • Completed Wayki-X feed price data source (East Money Data Pull) development and data confirmation. (30%)
  • Improved WaykiTimes native interaction function and page jump function of the asset trading page. (80%)
  • Solved the backend problems of the DEX mobile terminal in the research and development environment. (100%)
  • Fixed the problem of not matching after the rollback of pending orders in the DEX system. (90%)
  • Developed WaykiTimes asset page. (60%)
  • Completed blockchain browser supports public chain V3.0. (80%)
  • Tested Wayki-X project contract. (60%)
  • Completed the distribution of lock-up dividends in April. (100%)

Following Work Plan

  • Public Chain Construction
  • Complete decentralized governance test
  • Complete multi-currency collateral test
  • Run public chain cross-chain related test
  • Upgrade test chain to V3.0
  • Application Construction
  • Wayki-X K-line data development
  • Wayki-X feed price data collation
  • Wayki-X interactive optimization
  • Wayki-X completes the front-end interface docking joint debugging
  • Wayki-X project contract test
  • Connect foreign exchange index and stock data
  • Improve UI details in Wiki era
  • Submit animation, depth map, etc
  • Fix the problem of not matching after the rollback of pending orders in the DEX system
  • WaykiTimes backend adds public chain V3.0 new transaction

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