WaykiChain(WICC) Public Chain V2.0 Version: 10 New Features You Need to Know

WaykiChain is always making efforts to develop public chain technology and ecosystem and prove its strength by technical advantage and actual business applications. Now, WaykiChain(WICC) public chain v2.0 version has completed the mainnet upgrade on September 30, 2019.

WaykiChain(WICC) public chain v2.0 version has following new features:

1. Optimize node interaction PRC interface, more standardized and concise

The RPC interface is mainly used to support cross-application and cross-host interface calls in distributed systems. The interface definition becomes more standardized and concise after this optimization and upgrade. For developers, it will make design and development easier, and for consumers, interface calls will become simpler and more convenient.

2. Increase the speed of block generation: increase from 10 seconds to 3 seconds, transaction will be quicker live on the chain

WaykiChain(WICC) public chain v2.0 version has better transaction confirmation speed. The shorter block production time, coupled with the larger data throughput (TPS3300), can further improve the data processing capacity of the public chain and create the possibility for WaykiChain to create more high-quality functions.

3. Add CDP mechanism for pledging WICC to get stablecoin WUSD

CDP (Collaterized Debt Position) is a very important concept in WaykiChain stablecoin system. CDP is used to keep and protect the asset pledged by users. The crypto assets that can be pledged at the initial stage is WaykiChain public chain token WICC, following by BTC, ETH. Along with the development of our business, other valuable assets will also be accepted as collateral.

4. Add governance coin WGRT with interest increase mechanism

As an important part of WaykiChain 3-token economy model, WGRT (Governance Coin) not only shoulders the function of coordinating the stable operation of WaykiChain stablecoin system, but also an important means for the community administrator to exercise governance.

5. In addition to the commission fee, miner nodes will also obtain a proportional WICC additional interest issued within each block during mining.

Miners are mainly responsible for transaction confirmation and data packaging on the chain. Therefore, they play a key role in the normal operation of on-chain transactions. Expanding the source of revenue and increasing the amount of revenue can further motivate miners to work.

6. Add the decentralized exchange function implemented by the bottom layer on the chain: DEX

DEX is implemented on the bottom layer of the public chain. In addition to inheriting some of the advantages of traditional centralized exchanges, carrying the same or even larger trading volume as traditional exchanges, it also solves the widespread existence of centralized asset exchanges industry risks such as security risks, transaction unfairness, regulatory restrictions and high transaction costs.

7. Transfer account model: support various blockchain assets

The account model is the basis of the trading system, and its design directly affects the characteristics of the entire system. By transforming the underlying account model, WaykiChain will be able to support more other on-chain assets, including cross-chain assets, user-issued assets, and pledge-generated assets. This will be gradually reflected in the transactions on WaykiChain’s decentralized exchange.

8. Support account activation free, registration free mode

9. Multi-coin transfer transaction support (common address-> common address, common address-> contract address) supports different types of on-chain asset tokens (WICC / WGRT / WUSD, etc.)

10. Multi-address transfer transactions support, one transfer can transfer the same or different amounts of currency to multiple addresses.

The success of the public chain is ultimately the success of the ecological community. When WaykiChain developed the public chain v.2.0 version, each new feature is based on the long-term interests of the ecological community. By transforming the breakthrough and leap of the functional framework into an engine that promotes commercial landing and attracting communities to participate in co-construction with an excellent governance model, the new features of public chain v2.0 will help WaykiChain grasp new trends and achieve more solid foundation.

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