WaykiChain (WICC) Stablecoin: Answer of New Payment Method

On October 24th, Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China stated the important role of integrated application of blockchain technology in new technological innovations and industrial changes. China will take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction, increase its input to target on core technologies, and accelerate the development pace of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

WaykiChain, as the top leading blockchain project in China raises its sounded answer as the new payment method of human society. WaykiChain WUSD, the world’s first stablecoin project on the bottom layer shows its undeniable advantage to provide a solution in the fields including (but not limited to):

Broad Future and Application Scenarios of WUSD

WaykiChain reached the strategy cooperation with HuaTong Securities Platform which is a stock sharing platform now could be using WUSD to trade US stock and HongKong stock. This remarkable movement will bring huge amount of users of WUSD and also leading to WaykiChain ecosystem prosperity.

WaykiChain as the China №1 technical public chain with its famous 18 Dapps on chain will has stablecoin function to allow players with easier and more convenient payment method.

AEX, serving as the Exchange of WUSD except WaykiChain DEX (formerly as the world’s largest counterfeit currency exchange) to develop a decentralized Exchange that will provide digital currency and blockchain users with a more secure, efficient and transparent platform for trading digital assets. WUSD will be the primary unit of account and the base currency of the Exchange. In the future, it will cooperate with more first-tier Exchanges.

Cross-Border Finance

WUSD as stablecoin can be used as a channel for cross-border financial products to deposit. Huatong Securities (a licensed securities firm), which was incubated by WaykiChain, has opened a new trading function using WUSD for Hong Kong and UK stocks. Users can use WUSD to invest in Hong Kong stocks or US stocks in China or other regions, greatly enriching their investment options. WaykiChain will also work with foreign property companies, such as Vietnam, to link up local properties and allow users in other countries to subscribe for the right to benefit from the property. This makes it possible for users from different countries who could not invest in overseas real estate to make cross-border investment.

WaykiChain stablecoin WUSD system is working on cross chain which could allow ETH, and other tokens not just limited to WICC as pledged asset. WaykiChain TPS 3200 provides faster and easier transfer process, and it four risk reserve mechanism assures safety and stability of the system.

There is no doubt the world is changing all the time, so does blockchain industry and the world’s economic structure. Since 2014, various stablecoin emerged, and now, its a rival that only winner could stand out.

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