WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 01.13–01.19

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Technology & Product Development

Public Chain development

  • Optimize pending order transactions into two types of transactions: exchange authorized transactions, user authorized transactions.
  • Optimize settlement transactions, support transaction pairs to carry settlement rate information.
  • Complete governance and development of the four major data.
  • Added size limit function of log files.
  • Restructured and optimized the underlying data storage structure of proposal / consideration.
  • Complete wasm contract training 3: user thinking.
  • Complete wasm contract sha1/256/512 api
  • Complete wasm contract hash time lock.

Application development

  • Launched the DEX mobile end.
  • Development and testing of exchanging WUSD to USDT.
  • Wallet plug-in v2.2.0 launched on Firefox browser.
  • Python wallet library 1.0.0 on line.
  • Design and finishing of WaykiTimes multi-link wallet function.

Following Work Plan

Public Chain development

  • Design and development of WaykiTimes multi-link wallet function.
  • Added wasm contract signature in Kotlin wallet library.
  • Solve the compilation problem for Go wallet library.

Application development

  • DEX pending order currency pair management.
  • Development of on-chain asset governance functions.
  • Wasm optimization.
  • wasm contract uniswap.

Marketing Monthly Report


  • On January 16th, on the occasion of scanning the fu to celebrate lunar new year of Alipay, WaykiChain lauched “help you with the 5 lucky cards collection” event, which triggered active discussion and participation of users.
  • On January 16th, WaykiChain opened a Complaints and Suggestions channel. The menu bar is set on Wayki Sweetie official account. All new and old users are welcome to give feedback and help on WaykiChain products and services. At the same time, WaykiChain has opened a special complaint and suggestion customer service account (WeChat: olzc526). All users are welcome to add customer service account, and 1V1 timely feedback questions. WaykiChain is willing to open its minds, actively listen to user opinions, optimize itself, and continue to improve.
  • On January 17th, WaykiChain and Kushen jointly launched a Spring Festival blessing video, sent new year greetings to all Wayki community users in advance, and wish everyone a good year of the rat.
  • On January 17th, WaykiChain launched the community debate event with topic of “Is PoW the best consensus mechanism?”. The industry’s big name tech: Kushen co-founder & CTO Ye Fei was invited to battle with WaykiChain co-founder & CTO Richard Chen. The blockchain consensus mechanism was explored in depth from multiple aspects, outputing good ideas. The community debate event jointly held with two major livestream platforms: Biben Livestream and Group TV, for the first time. A total of more than 10,000 people watched the livestream in real time. The text content of the debate is synchronously posted on the Wayki Sweetie official account, Today’s Headline, Mars Finance, and other media platforms. Media praised: All real deals.
  • WaykiChain unites Huohuo Wallet to send WICC red pocket to users, wishing everyone a happy new year in advance. There is a total of 8 rounds of red pockets. and 6 rounds are to be issued later. Welcome to participate in the red pocket snatch, and wish you all good luck.
  • As of January 18th, the global WICC collateral exceeds 18 million, and the data is still growing. WaykiChain users who have idle WICC can collateralize and generate loan WUSD, to experience De-Fi and participate in the Huatong Security HK/US stocks pre-IPO event. Huatong Security HK/US stocks pre-IPO event has launched for 2 months, with an earning of a weighted average of 46.76%.


  • The Turkish ambassador released: De-fi, What the future holds for WaykiChain; NEWSBTC reports: An exclusive interview with the WaykiChain CEO; CRPTONEWS reports: WaykiChain CTO: the Extreme Techonology is for the Propose of Creating.
  • WaykiChain Douyin international account and Instagram account created.
  • Wayki Sweetie overseas channel comes out: released Wayki News issue 4.
  • A Q&A interactive event with the CEO of the Iranian community will be held at 8 pm on January 20. The Iranian community has a size of 2700 people. Different countries communities forwarded the livestream.
  • The offline meetup in Seoul, South Korea was successfully held on January 6, with around 100 attendees.
  • Winning group of live CDP simulation game was announced.
  • Official announcement: WaykiChain global partner Vincent will hold the 4th Turkish offline meetup at the end of February 2020.
  • Official announcement: WaykiChain Global Ambassador Chung is planning to hold the second Vietnamese offline meet up in Youth County, Hanoi during mid-February.
  • Official announcement: WaykiChain project party offline meetup in Malaysia project party in Malaysia.
  • BTCtalk forum technology section: CTO technical speech content precipitation.
  • WaykiChain Iranian community established: 2727 users
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, 웨이키체인-WaykiChain(WICC) Korea, WaykiChain Korea Kakao group, WaykiChain Global Ambassador Recruitment group, WaykiChain Turkish Group, WaykiChain Indonesia group, WaykiChain Indian group, WaykiChain Vietnamese group, WaykiChain Brazilian group, WaykiChain Dubai group, WaykiChain UK group, WaykiChain France group, WaykiChain Germany group, WaykiChain Ukrainian group, WaykiChain Spanish Group, WaykiChain Bangladeshi Group, WaykiChain Filipino Group, WaykiChain VIP Welfare Group, WaykiChain VIP Angel Group and WaykiChain Iranian Agent Group updating project in time.

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