WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 03.09–03.15

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Public Chain Development

  • Realize WASM VM contract memory access error capture function. 100%
  • Auction contract writing. 70%
  • Improve the voting sort list to record votes with fixed-length LEB128 encoding. 100%
  • Improved DEX pending order-related transactions. 100%
  • Added soft fork check for version 3, so that some newly added transactions can only be used with version 3 and newer. 100%
  • Re-examine the logical implementation of the proposal function and PBFT function, and optimize the code. 100%
  • Implement RPC development of UTXO. 40%
  • Sort out the public chain V3.0 test requirements: decentralized on-chain governance (80%), all-asset decentralized transaction and multi-exchange support (90%), UTXO (60%).
  • Writing parameter management test case of the public chain V3.0. 80%
  • Public chain V3.0 parameter management interface procedure test. 30%

Application development

  • Optimization of CDP front-end/back-end codes. The interface adds functions such as the returned number of WICC after CDP clearing. 50%
  • Developed WICC / WGRT unified price inquiry interface. 100%
  • Developed the offline signature of the cold wallet. 100%
  • Writing of the overview of WICC holdings distribution page of HawkEye project. 50%
  • HawkEye project back-end function analysis, database design. 30%
  • Developed WUSD exchange rate conversion interface and 24-hour market trading interface for WICC. 100%
  • Added parameter adjustment settings for the price feeding mechanism. The price feeding currency is adjusted to be configurable, and the price feeding mechanism is adjusted when the price changes are small. 70%
  • Design and execute WUSD exchange project test cases. 40%

Plan for this week

Public Chain development

  • Complete writing of the auction contract and implementation of the corresponding API.
  • WASM VM updated to the latest version.
  • Improve median calculations to support changes in calculation window size.
  • Improved voting statistics, limiting the number of votes to 21,000 to become a producer.
  • Complete the development of UTXO related signature interfaces.
  • Continue to conduct public chain automated testing.
  • Continue to test public chain V3.0 parameter management and follow-up of related bugs.
  • Complete sorting out the public chain V3.0 test requirements.
  • Public chain V3.0 sample case design and test execution

Application development

  • Complete the writing of WICC holdings distribution page of HawkEye project and the back-end development.
  • Complete optimization of the front-end and back-end code of DEX and CDP. Solve the problem of the slow loading of DEX.
  • Complete the optimization of the price feeding project.
  • WUSD exchange project test case execution.

Community Development


  • WaykiNews Episode 5 was uploaded on YouTube, Twitter, and other WaykiChain official accounts, and was spread over the overseas community. Overseas Sweetie Viktoria made reviews of big events of WaykiChain in February, which brought enthusiastic attention and discussion of overseas users.
  • Vincent, the global partner of WaykiChain, successfully held an offline event with Defi theme in Istanbul on March 14th. Nearly 50 developers attended the event and actively discussed DApp development. Event rewards will be announced and distributed this week.
  • On March 10th, WaykiChain officially held a reward quiz about project knowledge in Bangladesh and German communities, which brought active participation of users. The rewards of the event have been distributed.
  • The US offline event with Defi theme was successfully held in Michigan on March 7.
  • The Malaysia offline event is under preparation and is expected to be held at the end of March.
  • The second Indonesia offline event is under preparation and is expected to be held at the end of March.
  • The Bangladesh offline event is under preparation.
  • WaykiChain Malaysia community, Bangladesh group 2 established.
  • The English version of “One Pic to Understand WaykiChain stablecoin WUSD” is available on overseas official channels and all communities, receiving positive feedback from overseas users.
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, 웨이키체인-WaykiChain(WICC) Korea, WaykiChain Korea Kakao group, WaykiChain Global Ambassador Recruitment group, WaykiChain Turkish Group, WaykiChain Indonesia group, WaykiChain Indian group, WaykiChain Vietnamese group, WaykiChain Vietnam Group IIWaykiChain Vietnam Group III, WaykiChain Brazilian group, WaykiChain Dubai group, WaykiChain UK group, WaykiChain France group, WaykiChain Germany group, WaykiChain Ukrainian group, WaykiChain Spanish Group, WaykiChain Bangladeshi Group, WaykiChain Filipino Group, WaykiChain VIP Welfare Group, WaykiChain VIP Angel Group, WaykiChain Pakistan Group, WaykiChain Nepal Group, WaykiChain US Group, and WaykiChain Iranian Agent Group as well as the corresponding Twitter accounts, updating project news, high-quality articles and project knowledge in time.


  • On March 9th, the “DeFi WaykiChain” video recorded by Vincent, the global partner of WaykiChain, was distributed on WaykiSweetie Official. Vincent explained the decentralized financial system in the WaykiChain system and the operating logic of the CDP system in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • On March 12, “One Pic to Understand WaykiChain stablecoin WUSD” was launched in all communities and received positive responses from users. The picture and text explain the stablecoin WUSD collateralization system in an easy-understanding way. Questions such as: how the liquidation price is calculated, how much will be lost when the collateralization rate lowers to 150%, are clearly explained, allowing users to accurately and easily learn the stablecoin WUSD. More picture series will be launched later, so stay tuned.
  • On March 12, affected by the financial market, the crypto market experienced a sharp shock this week. The WaykiChain Defi system has withstood the test of the dramatic market shock, and the entire set of stablecoin mechanisms has been operating stably. The total amount of collateral in the Defi system is up to 29 million WICCs, and lending out more than 1.4 million WUSD.
  • On March 13th, in order to make users fully understand the operating process of WaykiChain collateralization, the head of Marketing department Wendy explained the logic of liquidation and the steps to pledge WICC for WUSD in details by live stream. About 3000 viewers watched the live stream and interacted actively. WaykiChain Collateralization Q&A is continually going on. If you have any questions about collateralization and Stablecoin, please report to WaykiSweetie's official Wechat account. We will collect questions from users every week and give answers during the live stream.
  • WaykiNews Issue 5 was uploaded on WaykiSweetie Official. Overseas Sweetie Victoria made reviews of big events of WaykiChain in February: get listed on the international first-tier exchange Bittrex Global, announced the 10 million strategic investment to Bitwires, etc.

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