WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 03.30–04.05

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Public Chain Development

  • Implements RegID support for WSAM VM API / ABI / CDT. (100%)
  • Add Mint and Burn function support for user-issued assets on WASM substantial API (100%)
  • Implement WSAM native router. (100%)
  • WASM contract size sorting verification (WaykiX technical feasibility).
  • Completed development and testing of DIA (Decentralized Issue Asset) governance function. (100%)
  • Optimize default asset storage. Generate native assets in the genesis block and reduce specialization and data errors.
  • Test the DEX registration, update, pending order, ladder charge and other functions in the public chain V3.0. (50%)
  • Realize interest transactions of regular settlement in CDP.
  • The target account that completed the transfer transaction supports the public key activation function.
  • Fix the processing error of the transaction submitter’s account.

Application development

  • Develop and debug for submitting orders, pending cancellation, candlestick chart, notifications, and pending order data in DEX 1.1 version. (90%)
  • Scan chain of HawkEye project. Gather holdings distribution statistics. (50%)
  • Test and improve the compatibility of WaykiTimes for Huawei P30 pro model’s Android App. (50%)
  • WaykiChain official website maintenance.

Plan for this week

Public Chain development

  • Public chain WASM system stress test.
  • System regression test for public chain V3.0.
  • Optimize the code of public chain V3.

Application development

  • Test, debug and launch DEX V1.1 mobile version.
  • FInish scan chain of HawkEye project, and holdings distribution statistics function. Version test and launch HawkEye project.
  • Debugging of some models compatibility issues of WaykiTimes.
  • Modify BaaS to support public chain V3.0.
  • Conduct the test of the upper layer application of public chain 3.0.

Community Development


  • WaykiChain project knowledge reward quiz voting is in progress.
  • The first WaykiChain user portrait voting event is finished.
  • Blockchain Defi Month: Wayki Super Champion Contest is in registration. Established the applicant community and study groups guided by Global Partner. Posted online self-learning package.
  • WaykiChain newly added volunteers: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Slovenia, Canada, Netherlands, Argentina, Arabia, Italy.
  • WaykiChain Arab has established. Cumulative daily views: 2000+.
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, 웨이키체인-WaykiChain(WICC) Korea, WaykiChain Korea Kakao group, WaykiChain Global Ambassador Recruitment group, WaykiChain Turkish Group, WaykiChain Indonesia group, WaykiChain Indian group, WaykiChain Vietnamese group, WaykiChain Vietnam Group IIWaykiChain Vietnam Group III, WaykiChain Brazilian group, WaykiChain Dubai group, WaykiChain UK group, WaykiChain France group, WaykiChain Germany group, WaykiChain Ukrainian group, WaykiChain Spanish Group, WaykiChain Bangladeshi Group, WaykiChain Filipino Group, WaykiChain VIP Welfare Group, WaykiChain VIP Angel Group, WaykiChain Pakistan Group, WaykiChain Nepal Group, WaykiChain US Group, and WaykiChain Iranian Agent Group, WaykiChain New Zealand Group, WaykiChain Slovenian Group, WaykiChain Canadian Group, WaykiChain Dutch Group, WaykiChain Italian Group, WaykiChain ArabianGroup, WaykiChain Sri Lankan Group as well as the corresponding Twitter accounts, updating project news, high-quality articles and project knowledge in time.


  • On March 30th, the 3rd WaykiChain DeFi Q&A has started. Users’ questions about DeFi planning, cross-chain progress, and advantages and liquidation risks of stablecoin collateralization system have been collected by questionnaire. All users are welcome to participate in this column. You can raise your thoughts and questions, and get bonus rewards by replying “DeFi Q&A” to the WaykiSweetie Official.
  • On April 3rd, the head of the marketing department Wendy interacted with users by livestream. Wendy talked about WaykiChain DeFi planning and answered users’ questions. The total viewers reached 3177. Users are welcome to follow WaykiChain’s Yi Livestream account: WaykiChain (WICC), and watch the livestream and interact at 20:00 every Friday.
  • During this week, WaykiSweetie is starting the WaykiChain DeFi Q&A event to all users. Rewards and prizes will be sent out during the event. Please follow WaykiSweetie Official to participate and win the prizes!

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