WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 04.01–04.07

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Technology & Product Development

Application Development

WaykiTimes v1.2.0:

  1. The overall development progress of one-click ICO and Wayki Number Guess is 100%, waiting for online.
  2. Changed the logic of the fee for the wallet of the Android client (100%)
  3. Web wallet plug-in WaykiMax is optimized: the development of signature interface WaykiTimes, token function development, debug function design (30%)

T2D2 Development

  1. New blockchain explorer: prototype design(80%)
  2. Smart contract online IDE WaykiMix v0.1.0 launched (100%)
  3. Provided smart contract technology support for the overseas developer team WaykiMan, and successfully to be online. (100%)

Public Chain Development

  1. The writing of automated scripts for wallet interface section (30%)
  2. Tested the pressure of node performance, after optimized, TPS has reached 1500–2000, and will constantly optimized and increased.(100%)
  3. Improved rpc interface getchainstate, avoiding DOS attack to nodes (100%)
  4. Repaired rpc interface listtxbyaddr: state rollback error caused by rollback log error (100%)
  5. Repaired rpc interface registeraccounttx: unable to roll back regid error (100%)
  6. Added rpc interface startgeneration, supporting regtest net TPS performance test (100%)
  7. Repaired rpc interface decoderawtx, making it to support the analysis of reward transactions (100%)
  8. Free activation of accounts: Compatible with RegID, accounts can be transferred without activation (100%)
  9. Multi-signature support: Support M-N multi-signature (30%)
  10. Lua contract increased the restrictions on IO related basic functions, improving the security of contract. (100%)

Work Plan for This Week

  1. WaykiTimes:

— launched 5 DApps in “Find” section: Number Guess, One-Click ICO, WaykiMan, FishChain and TokenWin.

— Launched “Event Center”, where users can discuss hot topics about WaykiChain and market.

— Android client is optimized.

— Managing background development in “Find” section.

2. Baas v2.0.0 development.

3. The development of wallet plug-in WaykiMax’s signature interface, token function development, debug function design.

4. Wallet plug-in WaykiMax supports 360 Explorer.

5. Confirm the requirements for blockchain explorer, the program is launched.

6. Smart contract online IDE WaykiMix v1.0.0 development.

7. Automated testing framework completed the management section of cases.

8. The writing of automated script of wallet interface.

9. Multi-signature support: Support M-N multi-signature.

Community Development


1. CEO’s Twitter and official Twitter has announced the launch of ‘WaykiChain DApp Funding Program’ together, attracting widespread attention from overseas users, with 15,000+ views and 1,000+ interactions. Cointelegraph, a well-known overseas head media, 14 Korean media, as well as Naver popular bloggers and forums reported it.

2. Maintaining the overseas official channels, posted “WaykiChain(WICC) has officially launched DApp Funding Program”, “WaykiMan, the first web DApp on WaykiChain(WICC) developed by Cryptoman team is online now” and “WaykiChain Monthly Report”, etc.

3. Disclosed the latest updates of WaykiChain project to the community including “WaykiChain Official Group” and “WaykiChain Developers-Global” telegram groups.

4. Announced the newest English slogan of project: Leading Blockchain Built, Used and Shared by You.

5. Content revision planning of English official website(30%)

6. Translation of White Paper v2.0 English version (95%)

7. Product translation support: DApp WaykiMan translation.


1. WaykiChain has officially launched DApp Funding Program to global blockchain developers and enthusiasts. The online registration channel was launched simultaneously, Jin Se Media, Mars Finance, BiShiJie, BEE News, Planet Daily, Shared Finance, Gyro Finance and other industry media has reported on the program.

2. Gordon Gao,the CEO of WaykiChain, accepted a deep interview, and analyzed the strategic layout of the WaykiChain through ten questions and ten answers, and explained in depth the living methods of WaykiChain in the bear market, as well as the backgrounds and goals of the DApp Funding Program.

3. The official Sina Weibo has organized an online activity of the DApp Funding Program, which was reposted by 87 people and reviewed by 88 people. The total reading volume was 14,000.

4. Completed the third offline lecture of the ‘Blockchain Preschool’. The official Weibo was broadcast live through Yi Zhi Bo platform. The total viewing volume was 1207, and the total number of ‘like’ was 200.

5. The program has been launched for a week. There were 7 game projects, 1 treasure-winning project, and 1 crowd-funding project submitted the project plan.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

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