WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 06.29–07.05

WaykiChain WICC
4 min readJul 7, 2020


Marketing Process (Overseas)

● WaykiChain recruited a Vietnam ambassador named Son Pharm. Son Pharm is co-founder of VNBA-Vietnam Blockchain Alliance, who has been worked in the blockchain industry for many years and gathered plenty of resources in the blockchain investment market. He also owns a telegram group more than 10000 active users, that has more than 50BTC trading volume. Son will help us expand the Vietnam market and guide the community members to invest WICC in the future.

● Early August, Gordon Gao will have a literal interview with Wall Street Journal, and will talk about the hot finance topic DeFi in different perspectives and will share his idea. The content will also be released on Wall Street Daily and WaykiChain official channels.

● Gordon Gao, CEO of WaykiChain, was invited to talk about the current hot investment topic by CNBC financial investment TV channel. The show will be broadcast in late July and will synchronize in CNBC TV channel and WaykiChain official channels, please stay tuned.

(CNBC TV is a news and business show, Fast Money is an investment show sponsored by New York Nasdaq Trading Center, which starts at 5:00 pm ET an hour after New York Stock Exchange closed from Monday to Thursday. it will last 30 minutes.)

● Waykichain will co-host Zoom Webinar with global Known media Gulf Xellence. Gordon Gao, WaykiChain CEO will discuss DeFi status quo and WaykiChain development with 20 Wall Street higher-ups and well-known blockchain KOLs.The Webinar will cover more than 500 audiences. The content will sync to communities, WaykiChain official channels, and will also release in global top financial media. Please stay tuned.

● WaykiChain global partners were calling for listing on Binance on CZ’s Twitter. The major content is 3 parts: (1) WaykiChain users from Europe and other districts cannot trade WICC. (2) the voting result showed that the most expected and most necessary exchange is Binance, and cry for landing on Binance; (3) Global partner explained the advantage of Waykichain to CZ from the backgrounds of WaykiChain and already listed on top Exchanges. This tweet received more than 200+ likes and comments.

● Wall Street Committee application of WaykiChain CEO, Gordon Gao, ongoing. Voting activities on Twitter: the Physical use of WUSD operate governance KOL external community, WGRT to the moon, WGRT holders, sync operate WaykiChain 20+countries, 15+ languages, 48 communities in total. 50000+ community members and local twitter, Douyin, Forum. The key communities are from Vietnam, Japan, Korea.

Marketing Progress (China)

WaykiChain sponsored Gongxinbao Blockcity brand upgrade this week. Both parties reached long term cooperation. WaykiChain will enable more users to participate in the building of DeFi ecosystem via Million Flow pool of Blockcity.

WaykiChain was invited to join Genesis Night live with Bilang, The live was start on 19:30 6, July. WaykiChain distributed plenty of WaykiChain related gifts. Spread a cordial and friendly image to users.

WaykiChain joined AEX 7th anniversary activity and sent sincere wishes to AXE. Lots of WICC password Hongbao have sent to the communities. Welcome community users continue to pay attention to the activity and join the grad activity.

CCTV <Dream Times> has an exclusive interview with Gordon Gao, Gordon talked about his idea of WaykiChain and the future of Blockchain. The exclusive interview will be published on <Witness.Brand> magazine, please stay tuned.

Public Chain Development

Fixed Private Chain validation bugs. (100%)

Pressure tested research and development chain and match validation. (100%)

Validated propose created DIA modified format. (00%)

Tested Wayki-X feed price function. (100%)

Optimized WASM contract trading execution function. (100%)

Modified DEX settlement trading friction cost calculation.

Added WASM contract trading TPS test function.

Application Development

Developed and Joint Debugged Wayki-X collateral, auction module. (100%)

Tested Wayki-X collateral, auction module, and fixed bugs. (20%)

Tested Wayki-X trading module and fixed bugs. (50%)

Optimized Wayki-X back-end code, wrong code, and trading procedure. (50%)

Fixed WaykiTimes Android native bugs(Flash against the asset). (90%)

Provided WaykiTimes H5 back to native interface. (100%)

Tested and Fixed WaykiTimes V3.0 bugs. (40%)

Fixed feed price bugs. (90%)

Checked feed price data. (100%)

Confirmed the feed price of US stock data. (100%)

Released CDP,DEX testnet. (100%)

Developed the interface of CDP, DEX token total locked up amount.

Released Bass mainnet. (100%)

Scanned and developed Bass service invoice.

Weekly plan

Public Chain development

Test the modified DEX liquidity trade friction cost calculation.

Test testnet DEX function and matching validation.

Validate testnet fixed bugs and regression testing.

Test TPS function of WASM contract trading.

Upgrade testnet to the latest version.

Application development

Test Wayki-X Collateral, audition modules and fix bugs. (100%)

Test Wayki-X trade modules and fix bugs. (100%)

Optimize Wayki-X back-end code, wrong code, and trade procedure. (100%)

Joint debug WaykiTimes native interface on Android.

Release CDP, DEX mainnet.

Deploy Wayki-X testnet.

Obtain blockchain browser account page data.

Develop WaykiTimes user trade list interface.

Fix WaykiTimes bugs on Android.

Adjust WaykiTimes UI details.